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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Lagoon at Biltmore

Our favorite spot at the Biltmore House and Gardens is when we drive to the Lagoon...  This is a wonderful (and not highly publicized) area of the estate.   We drive down a gravel road ---and love it here, since we can see both the back of the house (mansion),  and we can enjoy a picnic along the water while watching a 'ton' of Canada Geese making lots of noise.  We can also continue driving in that area --as the gravel road goes between the lagoon and the French Broad River... IF you ever get to Biltmore,  check out this area!!!

Today I'll share some pictures from this area.  Above is a picture of the Lagoon and the back of the Biltmore House...

George took this picture with his long-lens, so that we could get a better view of the back of the Biltmore House.  By looking at the first picture,  you can see how far away the house really is --from where we were.

I love seeing the Canada Geese ---and there are lots and lots of them here..  There's a small island in the middle of the Lagoon ---and the geese live on that island.. I wish I knew how many geese there are ---but I'll guarantee there are MANY.

More Canada Geese!!!!

And ---here's one more shot of the Canada Geese!!!

Finally,  here's a picture of us standing next to the Lagoon --with a view of the Biltmore House and Gardens in the background. 

Hope you enjoyed my photos from the Lagoon...

Welcome to DECEMBER.... (Hard to believe,  isn't it???)