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Monday, May 28, 2018

Spring Irises in our Yard 2018

Electric Shock Irises---5-9-18
Happy Memorial Day, my Friends...  I hope you take a little time today to remember those who, through the years,  have died for us --and the freedoms we enjoy today....

Today,  I am finally publishing a post I promised a few weeks ago, showing you our 2018  IRISES which have bloomed in our yard this Spring... Most of our Irises are re-bloomers --so hopefully,  I'll be able to share more when they bloom again in the Fall.

 We have had 17 different varieties to bloom ---but today's post contains 19 photos...  I showed you a couple of our favorites twice.  Sit back,  enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage---and enjoy the photos!!!!!

My Friend Jonathan Iris--- 5/6/18

Unknown Iris (Freebie)-- 5/6/18

Eugenia King Iris--5/6/18

Las Vegas Iris--5/3/18

Honey Glazed Irises 5/3/18

Bountiful Harvest Irises  5/6/18

Lemon Duet Iris ---5/6/18

Autumn Bugler Iris --5/9/18

Iceland Irises---5/14/18

Feedback Iris ---5/9/18

Immortality Iris - 5/9/18

Lemon Reflection Irises --5/10/18

Clarence Iris ---5/11/18

Tennessee Vol Iris ---5/14/18

Another photo of Electric Shock Irises  (SO pretty this year)---5/14/18

Cable Car Irises ---5/14/18

Mother Earth Irises ---5/14/18

One more picture of Bountiful Harvest Iris --5/11/18
Hope you enjoyed seeing our Irises....   It's hard to pick a favorite ---but I do love Bountiful Harvest and Electric Shock right now!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!