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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little River Falls, Alabama

In the northwest corner of Alabama (near Fort Payne), there is the neatest canyon called the Little River Canyon National Preserve. George and I have been there twice---and I'd go back in a heartbeat!!!! There are four waterfalls, canyon vistas, boulders and sandstone cliffs in this canyon. AND---there is an 11 mile scenic area where one can drive --and stop at several overlooks all along the way.

Since I've talked alot about Tallulah Gorge in North GA, Cloudland Canyon in west GA, and also Fall Creek Falls in TN---you will know how much we love gorges and canyons---and of course waterfalls! Little River Canyon is more like Fall Creek Falls since there is a 'driving' tour involved rather than ALL hiking or walking. At Cloudland and Tallulah, we can hike down into the canyon.. All of these canyons or gorges are unique and beautiful--each in their own way.

Today I'm sharing the Little River Falls which is only one of the waterfalls in the Little River Canyon. This is the prettiest of the waterfalls in this area ---and when there is alot of water flowing (like when we were there this time), you'd think it was a Niagara in the South!!!! Above is a picture of the Little River Falls. Below are more --all from our trip there in January of 2007.

This is at the brink/top of the waterfall. We could feel the mist since there was so much water there that day.

George stands near the top... The wifey kept saying: "Back up, Dear!!!" (NOT!!!)

You will note that I was standing in a SAFE place---at the overlook!!!! ha

There is another overlook on the other side of the river ---where we could see Little River Falls. We had to 'walk on water' in order to get over there... Just kidding---we drove our car around there!!!! Ha Ha...

Here's one more picture showing how wide and how big Little River Falls is!!!!! Don't you like our Niagara of the South waterfall????? If you ever get to North Alabama, check this one out. I will post more pictures from this area sometime.