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Monday, May 13, 2019

Your Thoughts and Prayers are Needed. THANKS!

USS Abraham Lincoln
Dear Family and Friends,   Prayers are needed for my Granddaughter Brooke and her husband, Tristan.  Tristan is in the Navy and is currently deployed on the USS Abraham Lincoln which has been sent to the Middle East to help with the horrible problems happening in that area involving Iran....   I am sure you have read  or heard about this on the news recently.  SCARY situation for sure!!!!

Brooke is obviously very upset and worried.   AND --to make matters harder,   Brooke and Tristan's second baby is due the end of this month.  Even though she and Vivian (almost 16 months old now),  are with her mother during Tristan's deployment,   she obviously misses him so much... Prayers for Tristan and all of the men and women on the USS Abraham Lincoln --but also for Brooke as she brings Little Veronica (Roni) into the world soon...  Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers.

Here are some pictures of that sweet family.  Hope you enjoy them.

Brooke and Tristan on their wedding day

Having Fun

Aren't they just a precious family?


I am having Carpal Tunnel Surgery on Thursday,  May 16,   on my dominant (left) hand.  Since I won't be able to use that hand for awhile,  I am taking a Blog  Break.... BUT--I'll be back soon  (hopefully with no numb and tingly fingers)!!!!  Fun Fun!!!