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Monday, June 18, 2018


MOONSTONE ROSE, especially for ANN and GINNY   (taken 6/15/18)
Hello Blog Friends,   Today I'm sharing some of my favorite pictures of our flowers  ---but  I have a couple of other thoughts first....

1.  BLOGGER PROBLEMS:  I do not think that Blogger has any intention of bringing back  the "Follow by Email" possibility --even though they said  (over a month ago) that they were tweaking their emails... I get NO emails from them at all,  not even when someone comments on my blog post. SO---I am gradually beginning to add my blog friends back into my Followers' List.... SO--I am asking all of you today (If you want me to visit your blogs) to make a comment on this post....  I'll add you onto my 'new' list.  For me,  it's like starting over...  Good Ole' Blogger ---seems it is always making changing which don't really help US!

--Pray for friend,  Ann  (Ann's Snap, Edit, Scrap)  who lost her husband suddenly this week.
--Pray for  friend,  Ginny  (Let Your Light Shine) who had some very serious colon surgery recently.

Thanks...   NOW---let's all enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the flowers in our yard!!!!  The picture above is one I picked out especially for my friends,  Ann and Ginny.  AND--take time to check out all of the different and unique colors in the Day Lilies!!!

BAHAMA BUTTERSCOTCH Day Lilies  6/15/18)

PAPER BUTTERFLY Day Lilies 6/16/18


CAMERON QUANTZ  Day Lily 6/16/18

WILD HORSES  Day Lilies 6/16/18 

DANCING SHIVA  Day Lily 6/16/18

SOUTH SEAS  Day Lily 6/16/18

A group of RONALD REAGAN Roses 6/15/18

ED BROWN  Day Lilies  (I call this one Edwina since it is too pretty to be an  "Ed"... ha)-- 6/15/18

PERSIAN MARKET  Day Lily 6/16/18

SWEET AFTON Rose  6/16/18

A Collage around our YARD  6/16/18  (You can see some of the big Day Lily Bed.)

MILESTONE Rose 6/16/18

PINK PERFECTION Lily 6/15/18  (my favorite Lily)

FOOLED ME  Day Lily 6/16/18 

MELODY PARFUME  Roses  (6/7/18) (When the lighting is perfect!!!)
We got LOTS of rain in May this year ---so once the Roses and Day Lilies started blooming,  they have really put on a show.  The deer have enjoyed munching on a few of the Roses and MOST of the Lilies --but we now have 2 gadgets outside which make a loud noise  (only heard by the animals) when detecting movement --so fingers crossed,  right now --the gadgets are helping!!!

As George said yesterday though (since it is now unbearably hot here),  now we have to contend with  Japanese Beetles munching on the roses...  It's always something --but from these pictures,  you can see that we are doing okay!!!!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Please say another little prayer for both Ann and Ginny... They are both two very special people.