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Monday, March 31, 2014

Greenbriar Visit to the Smokies January, 2013

Beautiful Mountain Creek
NO---that is not a typo in the heading.  This is a post I never published from January, a year ago.  We took a little trip to the Smokies ---and this post is when we visited the Greenbriar area (between Gatlinburg and Cosby).  Besides Cades Cove,  two or our favorite drives and photo opp places are to the Tremont area (between Townsend and Cades Cove) and this area,  the Greenbriar area. 

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Click on them for enlargements.

George is taking some photos of the water with his special lens.

I can't take good photos of the water like George can,  but this one is kinda pretty!

Our road along the way; See our car?  We park and hike down to the water for photos and enjoyment of the sounds and beauty all around us!

This is what I do when George is taking photos with his tripod.  The area is just so peaceful --even though it was quite cold that day.

Oh --how much beauty is everywhere!!!  I love seeing the moss growing on the rocks.

There's my Cutie Pie---getting up higher for more good photos.

I am always fascinated by the mushrooms and lichen growing on the trees in the Smokies.

Out came the toboggan---as it got colder and colder up there...

The farther UP in the mountains we traveled,  guess what we saw?????  SNOW!!!!

Think these Daffodils will make it?????  They are sprouting a little early!!!!!  Brrrrrr...

Finally,  we always just 'have' to get a picture of the two of us together enjoying the Smokies!!!
Hope you enjoyed these photos from our beautiful Smoky Mountains.. I love going there during all seasons --but in winter,  we have much of the area all to ourselves!

Have a great Monday ---and I'll see you on Wednesday!