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Monday, June 1, 2009

Our North Carolina Visit

If you have read the past two posts, you know that George and I visited our friends, Judy and Charlie, in the glorious mountains of North Carolina this past Thursday through Saturday. Besides checking out all of the Mountain Laurel (yesterday's post), we also took time to EAT, TALK, SLEEP, EAT, TALK, SLEEP---etc. (You get the picture, don't you????)

Here are some pictures of our special time together with great friends. Above is Charlie, Judy and George --as we took a walk aroung the neighborhood, checking out all of the beautiful, flowering Mountain Laurel. Below are more pictures from our time with these friends. Be sure and click on the pictures for a bigger view.

This is the beautiful porch/deck ---where we sat and chatted for hours and hours.

Here we are (Betsy and Judy) doing what we did most of the time we were there... We TALKED and TALKED. I'm not sure we ever caught up---but we put a dent in our 'catching up'!!!!! ha

Even after dark, when we were getting COLD in the mountains, we STILL sat out there talking!!!! (By the way, the guys sat inside 'reading'.... Wish I had gotten a picture of them!!!!)

The next morning, when the temperatures had dipped into the 40's, Charlie and Judy built a blazing fire in the fireplace ---which we enjoyed while drinking some delicious coffee... (If you knew Judy and me, you would know how much both of us love wood-burning fireplaces and also coffee!!!! Life was good!!)

What a shot!!!! Thanks, George!!! This is the old woman--in her bathrobe, drinking her coffee and enjoying the roaring fire in the fireplace.... We also enjoyed some of Charlie's famous pancakes!!!! Life can't get any better!!!!

That next morning, we were back out on the porch--------- but this time, besides talking, guess what we were doing????????????

We were watching all of the birds coming to the feeder... See that precious Tufted Titmouse???

Finally, here's a picture of two friends!!! We were out walking and George snapped this picture.

Tomorrow I'll show you some more from this wonderful North Carolina visit.. I hope that all of you have friends as special as Judy and Charlie are to us!


UPDATE: I was a little sad yesterday when I found out that my Bluebirds have fledged. I wasn't expecting them to fledge until the middle of this upcoming week. Guess my timing was off!!!!! I didn't see Bluebirds all day yesterday ---and we finally checked the nest. EMPTY!!!! All I can hope is that they all four made it---and are doing fine (wherever they are).... I hope Mom and Dad Bluebird come back and do it again soon!!!!