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Monday, April 24, 2017

April 21st ---Special Day for George and me!!!!!!

Our Special Visits to Fall Creek Falls on APRIL 21st!!!   I picked out the past 5 years' visits for this collage.
Many of you remember,  if you have followed my blog for years,  that it was April 21, 2001 when George took me to Fall Creek Falls State Park here in Tennessee.   This is a memorable day for us and our relationship.  Our first dinner date together was March 29,  and we saw each other a few more times between the 29th and April 21... BUT---it was THIS DAY when we really expressed our love for each other... He held my hand for the first time,   and when we were at George Hole in the park,  I got my first KISS from this wonderful man...  Oh My Heart----it was beating hard when I got that kiss-- with so much love and excitement,  and still is today (16 years later)...

If you want some explanation about us,   George had lost his wife to cancer two years before we met. And I had been divorced for almost 20 years --and was married to my job (having NO interest at all in dating again).... Then I took a new job in Tennessee the end of 2000  (George moved there about the same time from South Carolina) and God brought the two of us together in January of 2001... If you want to read more about this,  click HERE  to read a couple of blog posts entitled "My Story"... Scroll down and read the 2nd post first and then go to the top and read the top post.... I think you'll enjoy this if you haven't read it before.

We fell head over heels in love with each other quickly ---and I remember saying to George on our way home from that special date, that I was falling in love with him....  We were married on June 23, 2001...

SO---each year on April 21st,  we go to Fall Creek Falls and re-live that glorious day from 2001.... This year was no exception.... Here are some of the pictures taken THIS YEAR... Hope you enjoy them.

Cane Creek in Fall Creek Falls State Park,  from the Cane Creek Falls Overlook

Saw a bunch of these pretty little wildflowers;  Anyone know what this one is?

Cane Creek Cascades;   LOTS of water coming over the falls on this day!

From the brink of the falls;  Love all of the whitecaps in the water;  SO much water and the sound was deafening;  

George loved taking pictures of all of this water!!!!!   See the swinging bridge above?????  Wanna cross it???? (I did it ONCE and that was enough for me!!!! ha)

Beautiful Fall Creek Falls State Park;  This is a huge park with lots of hiking, waterfalls, camping, fishing, etc. etc. etc...  This picture was taken when we were at the Fall Creek Falls Overlook.

Me and all of my 'hiking' garb!!!  We took a short hike before heading to the gorge area.

Coon Creek (along our hiking trail) usually doesn't have this much water!

More of gorgeous Fall Creek Falls State Park;  This was taken at the Buzzard Roost Overlook.  SO pretty!!

A HAPPY LADY enjoying the overlook at Buzzard's Roost!!!

Here's another collage showing some of our pictures together taken on April 21, 2017!!!!!  (You can see that I DID get my kiss at George Hole  this year too!!!!!  YEAH!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing THIS year's pictures from that special special day!!!!!  Here's another Blog Post  (click HERE)   which you may want to see (written in 2014) showing pictures of us taken in previous years on this day.  It has been a fantastic 16 years ---and I hope we will be celebrating for many, many more...

Have a wonderful week, my Friends.