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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Feast at the Dillard House, Dillard, GA

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, George and I enjoyed our Anniversary Dinner at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA. Here's a little history of the Dillard House:

Carrie and Arthur Dillard initially established the present-day Dillard House in 1917 in the Georgia mountains, when their first guest was a circuit-riding minister named Rev. Henry Byrd. Carrie Dillard was a woman of high values, strong work ethic and keen business sense. She was a wonderful cook, gifted gardener and very accommodating hostess. Every guest was treated like family, and Carrie taught that practice of hospitality to her children and grandchildren, alike. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of guests have enjoyed wonderfully prepared Southern style home-cooked meals at the Dillard House in the same family tradition as when Carrie first put up her jams and relishes. Now in its 92nd year, The Dillard House Inn and Restaurant have become famous throughout the area for its traditional home-style meals and authentic Southern hospitality - the unique result of our 200-year heritage.

Once a simple and modest mountain home of just 6 rooms, The Dillard House has grown into a modern hotel that can accommodate hundreds of guests at a time. With 92 guest rooms and suites, more than 28 cottages and chalets, a modern business center and all the standard amenities, we can provide comfortable and beautiful surroundings as well as exquisite hospitality and service for every guest we receive.

For more information on the Dillard House, click HERE. We highly recommend this place---not just for the great dinner(s), but for the setting, accommodations and everything else they offer. Check it out! Here are some pictures we took while there.

The outside of the restaurant

This is one side of the restaurant . Aren't the flowers gorgeous? Our table was right next to that last window on the left. We had a great view!!!!

This is the other side of the restaurant---where we parked and entered. I enjoyed seeing the pretty red Geraniums.

Enlarge this picture and read the names of ALL of the food we were given... AND--they will give you refills on anything and everything... As you can imagine, it was WAY too much food even for us hungry hikers. We brought enough food home for at least one more meal, maybe more. AMAZING!!!!!

WELL---this was our table..... Can you believe it??????? (For the girl who needs to eat LESS --not more, this may not be the place to go except on special occasions--like our Anniversary!!!! ha.. I did pretty well though since we did bring so much home with us.)

I thought this tree was interesting---so I took a picture. Do YOU know what it is????? I have no idea!!!

This is one of the views from the front of the Dillard House... Gorgeous, don't you think? Be sure and enlarge these photos.

There were rows and rows of Zinnias --in all colors. My mother used to grow Zinnias --so this brought back memories.

Note the Zinnias and the mountains in the distance.

I enjoyed seeing the Impatiens growing under those huge shade trees.

All of the grounds were well-maintained. I loved that little Gazebo in the distance.

Finally, here's one more photo of the view of the valley --from the front of the Dillard House. Hope you enjoyed our tour.... Now---head on over there and take your own photos!!! And--I give you permission to eat 'some' of that delicious dinner!!


P.S. Brood Number TWO: There are four little blue eggs in our bluebird nest!!!!! Yeah-Rah!