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Friday, May 30, 2014

Two New Waterfalls for George and me!!!

US at 30 foot Reedy Branch Falls,  South Carolina,  5/18/14
On  May 18, 2014,  on our way to Ocean Isle Beach  (check THIS post),  we stopped along the way to visit some waterfalls.  This year,  we stopped at 3 different places (once we got into South Carolina on Highway 76).  One was BULL SLUICE (which we have seen before) ---but the other two places were NEW waterfalls to us...

Today,  I'll share some photos of these two new waterfalls.  Hope you enjoy them.  Since I was getting over my surgery,  I still didn't have alot of energy.  SO--George picked waterfalls with almost no hiking needed...  That was perfect for me on this trip.

The first waterfall we saw was named REEDY BRANCH FALLS.  This 30 foot waterfall was gorgeous ---and we were the only people there.   SO--we just relaxed and enjoyed  ourselves for a little while,  thinking that the waterfall was there JUST for us!!!!

REEDY BRANCH FALLS -30 feet (South Carolina, 5/18/14)

Oh how she loves this man!!!!!!

Can you tell that we were having fun at Reedy Branch Falls????

Mrs. P (our wonderful Prius) enjoyed seeing the waterfall  too!!!!
The second NEW waterfall we saw that day (also on Highway 76 near Westminster, South Carolina) was in a fabulous county park,  CHAU-RAM County Park.  We were SO impressed with this gorgeous park (named for the Chauga River and Ramsey Creek).  We drove straight up to  RAMSEY CREEK FALLS (40 foot cascade) in this park...  It was just so beautiful!!!!!  And---again,  we had the waterfall and area  ALL to ourselves, due to the rain/drizzle!

I got to explore the area a little,  so I caught this photo of the Photographer at work with his tripod!!

Gorgeous  MOUNTAIN LAUREL in the park

The gorgeous tiny blooms of the Mountain Laurel;   Aren't they beautiful?

Two silly people having fun at Ramsey Creek Falls!!!  That guy makes me laugh!!!!

RAMSEY CREEK FALLS,  40 foot cascade;  (South Carolina, 5/18/14)

US  at RAMSEY CREEK FALLS,  South Carolina
I hope you enjoyed seeing our two new waterfalls!!!   I'm not sure what our total is now --since we sorta lost count.   BUT---we are probably up to 600+ different waterfalls seen since 2001....  Can you tell that these two lovebirds LOVE waterfalls????? ha

If you want to see more about the Chau-Ram County Park,  click HERE.  We highly recommend the two new waterfalls,  plus this park (there is picnicking, camping, lots of hiking, and even a big swinging bridge to see).  SO---we need to go back when we have more time to explore this park.. 

Here's some GOOD NEWS from me:  Went to see my surgeon yesterday for my 'follow-up' to surgery visit (been 3 weeks since my surgery).   My doctor checked me out --and DISMISSED me,  saying that everything is fine and that I am healed....  Yeah Rah!!!!!

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday!