Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Welcome"???? Visitors

A few mornings ago, three deer visited our back yard. It looked like a Mama and two juveniles. We watched them for awhile--and George took some pictures. It was barely light --so he was having trouble getting the pictures to come out. When the deer finally saw us, they decided to leave!!!! Luckily, they didn't 'munch' on any of our plants or flowers... Here are three pictures of them, plus one more!!!

Did you notice all of those leaves in our backyard in these pictures????? The leaves are coming down quicker than we can get them up now... Fall is almost over here in the Glade. SO---Friday, I got my trusty ole' leaf blower out and blew leaves out of the backyard and also part of the front.

BUT--guess what????? We had rains and high winds Friday night ----- SOOOOOOOOOOOOO???? The leaves are BACK!!!! I can barely see my progress. Oh Well---that's the 'breaks' for people like me who love big shade trees --and who live in the woods. I couldn't get back out there yesterday since everything was so wet---but I'll try again this coming week. Believe it or not, I enjoy raking and blowing leaves. The picture below is the "lefty" at work with her blower.....

See that orange cord????? Our blower is electric so we have a very long cord that I drag around all over the yard when I do my 'blowing'.... Anyhow---being a lefty can play havoc on cords.. I can make the biggest mess out of that extension cord one can ever imagine. My hubby just rolls his eyes in amazement. (Same thing with telephone cords--although our phones are mostly cordless now thank goodness.) I don't know what I do---but it takes forever straightening that cord out AFTER I've blown leaves. Oh Well----what can I say???? I'm just a LEFTY and proud of it!!!!! ha


P.S. My Tennessee Vols --all dressed in black and orange for Halloween, WON last night... They had many tricks in their bag --and gave us alot of treats!!! They won 31-13 over South Carolina!!!! Yeah Rah for 'my' young team!!