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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

My Easter JOY

A happy Mom and two of her three sons  (Mark and Bert--known as Tre by some);   Picture taken along the Foothills Parkway,  4/2/18;
Dear Friends,    After my last several posts talking about my health situation,  I am writing you some GOOD news  today---at least GOOD  (GREAT) news for this Mama!!!!!!   Two of my SONS are now living a little over an hour's drive from our home!!!!!!!    They moved to their new apartment in Maryville,  Tennessee   on EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!!    As I told my Facebook Friends this morning,   I have been singing:  "I've got that JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY ---down in my Heart..."

Of course,  the day after they moved in,   I just HAD to go and see them!!!!!   What a terrific day we had....   Since it was such a great day,   I decided to share it with you... Hope you enjoy our day together ---the first of many I am sure!

Kitchen area of Mark and Bert's new home
We first had to check out the new apartment...I was IMPRESSED... It is roomy and I love the openness and the way it is laid out....  They have an open kitchen/living/dining area with a separate room which can be a sunroom or office.   There are two large bedrooms and baths  (on either side of the living room) --plus a nice balcony...  There is plenty of closet space,  a nice utility room,  and even a separate storage room downstairs...  This is a perfect place for these two guys!

These guys had already worked hard putting things away and organizing!!!!! Afterall,  they had only been here one day!!!!!

Living /dining area  with the kitchen to the right and the balcony to the left

Our First Family Home
Bert helped me find our first little home in Maryville --where we lived in the late 1960's- early 1970's.      The house was new when we bought it.   I probably couldn't have found it ---but we started from Bert's school and then found our little home.  Someone has been taking good care of it.

I remember  the large backyard we had ---and the cow pasture out back!  But--we didn't have a carport...  We had a small garage  (which someone obviously enclosed to make more room in the house).

Four happy and HUNGRY People
We stopped for some dinner  at the TRAILHEAD Steak and Trout Restaurant in Townsend --after checking out  the Foothills Parkway...

We checked out all of the raging water at the SINKS.

Relaxing at the SINKS  --in the Great Smoky Mtns.

More water at the SINKS

Two of my 'loves':   Bert (Tre) and Mark
We had an awesome day in the Smokies ---and I am totally thrilled beyond belief to have these guys fairly close by!!!!!!   They want to get some hiking in soon before both of them have to settle down and go to work...

Several of you have asked about my health situation...  Right now --it's GOOD NEWS.

I had my Esophagus stretched so that food could pass through and not get stuck... That seems to be helping my stomach problem  so far...

My Cardiologist is working with me to get the proper medications for me and my heart rate.   The good news is that my heart rate is pretty stable now...  We are still working on some wicked side effects from some of the meds --but overall,  I'm  BETTER.   Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.