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Monday, August 24, 2020

What we were Doing in 2009

Dear Blog Family/Friends,   As you know,  George and I have loved life to its fullest for almost 20 years now... We are so blessed to have been able to see so many gorgeous places since 2001 (when we got married). Today,  I just picked out a year in our lives together and will share some of my favorite pictures for you!   

Today's pictures were all taken during the year,  2009.  It is hard to keep the number down to 10,  but I have decided that 10 pictures per blog post is enough for most of us very busy people.... Since I cannot write a caption under the photos now,  I ask you to put your curser over each picture for an explanation. Don't click on it ---but just hold the curser there for a little bit --and the explanation should come up!!!!!

The picture above is special for several reasons:  1.  We were celebrating my Birthday in Ormond Beach, Florida that year;  2.  This was the sunrise I saw over the water on my Birthday (2009);  and 3. The fact that it reminded me of the gorgeous sunrise I saw this year (8/5/20) when we were on Skyline Drive in VA

A few months ago (June 22, 2020),  I published a Blog Post showing us walking behind this beautiful waterfall,  Dry Falls,  not too far from Franklin, North Carolina.  We certainly couldn't have walked behind this one in winter of that year (2009)....But--I enjoyed seeing all of the ice around Dry (Not-Dry) Falls.... 

To celebrate George's Birthday in March of 2009,  we visited one of our all-time favorite places,  MT. NEBO, Arkansas.  We always ask for Cabin 60 which sits right on the rim (with a view of the valley below) --and consider it "our" cabin!!! Oh how we love that little cabin!!!

I have been feeding our Backyard Birds here since about 2002...  I get so much joy of watching the birds year 'round!!!!!  This is a picture I took of a Male CARDINAL in Winter of 2009.

As you know,  I love all sunrises and sunsets... I also LOVE seeing the Moon shining down on the water! In May of 2009,  we were at another favorite place,  Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina  (north of Myrtle Beach,  SC).   When there each year (mostly in December instead of May, these days),  we seldom see the moon over the water... BUT in 2009,  we got lucky, don't you think?

In April of 2009,  we took a short trip to an adorable little cabin in Cosby,  Tennessee  (in the  Great Smoky Mountains) ---with this waterfall right next to our cabin.  We had a big picture window inside the cabin where we could see the waterfall... I loved not only seeing Serenity Falls --but also hearing the power of that water,  from our deck (over the creek).   

Besides chasing waterfalls all over the country  and taking care of my Backyard Birds,  another thing we do  (this is George's  hobby) is to grow beautiful ROSES in our yard... George loves his 'babies' --and takes good care of them.  I get to enjoy the roses when he brings one inside JUST for me almost every morning during the season.  This beautiful Rose is named,  APRICOT NECTAR--and she is one of many which have been with us for many years.... Oh how we love our Roses!!!! (I have six beautiful roses on my desk right now!)

For our anniversary,  June of 2009,  we made  a trip near Clayton GA --to visit TULLULAH GORGE  to see the beautiful waterfalls in that gorge.  There are 5 falls --and great trails all around the gorge and steps to go down into the gorge... I highly recommend this area to everyone!!!    This is one of the waterfalls,  Tempesta Falls!

Wonderful Autumn!!!!!! 2009 was a GREAT year to enjoy the Fall Colors in and around Tennessee and the mountains!!!!!  We traveled across the Cherohala Skyway (between Robbinsville, NC and Tellico Plains, TN) in October of 2009 --and saw so much absolutely fantastic beauty!!!! 

 I'll close this post with a picture taken from Mountain Air Resort in North Carolina (near Burnsville) when we visited George's son and family (who were vacationing there for a few days in July, 2009).  

This was our view from the deck of their condo... What a life!!!!!  Wow!

Hope you enjoyed today's pictures from just one year in our wonderful lives... As I have time,  I'll post more memories from different years!!!!  

As I told my Facebook Friends,  my ADVICE to everyone (especially those of you not getting closer to the 80's --as George and I are).... Get out NOW while you can, and travel and see the beauty all around you..  We don't travel far --and most of the time,  we stay in the USA!  BUT--we have traveled a lot --and have so many marvelous memories...  I am so glad that we had these past 20 years together to live life to its fullest... Now --even though we still travel some when we can (and hope to continue),  my biggest joy is traveling virtually with son,  Mark and his gal, Robin,  who are taking me with them on their travels.. I'm so excited for them as they love being out in nature --as much as I do!!!!

August is almost over ---so does that mean that some cooler Fall Weather could be on its way?????? I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE.....

Have a fabulous week!