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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December Backyard Birds

Here are some of my sweet little backyard birds ---taken during the month of December.  Above is always a favorite --especially in winter.  He's a male American Cardinal, sitting on a very cold Rhododendron.

Here's one of my favorite woodpeckers,  the Northern Flicker.

And of course,  you gotta love the Mourning Dove.   Bet he's chilly sitting on that snow!!!

All of the birds flock to the feeders when the weather is bad.  This year we have lots of Goldfinches and House Finches...They play a game trying to see how many of them can get on the plate at the same time!! ha

Here's a close-up of one of our cute little Goldfinches.  They are such sweet little birds,  not nearly as aggressive as the House Finches.

Then there's another favorite,  the White-breasted Nuthatch.  He talks to me from the trees when I am outside...  He love peanuts ---but, as you can tell, will also eat Suet, along with black Sunflower seeds.

I cannot finish this post until I show you ANOTHER picture of my favorite bird,  the Pileated Woodpecker.  Recently,  there have been two of them chasing each other.  They will go round and round on the tree--but they respect each other enough so that only one of them will come to the suet feeder at a time... Love these birds!!!!

I am so thankful that those sweet little Eastern Bluebirds nested in our backyard several years ago---and from that minute on,  I started reading all I could about birds,  started feeding them,  and the rest is history. What a wonderful hobby!!!!!   Even when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed (as the saying goes),  the birds will ALWAYS make me smile...

Have a great day!!!

P.S.  On another note,  please pray that they will find out what is killing all of the birds in Arkansas,  Louisiana and now Kentucky... SCARY!!!