Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Monday, September 28, 2020

Who is SMILING at YOU?

2020 DAY LILIES in our YARD


Dear Blog Friends,   Can you believe that I never posted these pictures --nor ANY Day Lily pictures this summer????  I guess it was meant for me to wait until now to post these to make you (and ME) smile!!!!!  I needed this today since I've had a rough week.  Hope you enjoy seeing these little Sweeties!

We have had a lot of flowers to bloom in our yard  this year--and I've posted many groups of them  (including Daffodils, Tulips,  other Spring flowers and shrubs,  Irises,  Roses,  and Lilies)...   I'm sure the Day Lilies feel left out --so hopefully,  I'll make up for it by picking out some of my favorite ones to share with you.  By the way,  I have a lot to choose from since we have more than 70 Day Lily plants in our yard now, each with many, many blooms... Wow!!!!  Hope you enjoy the beauty of these wonderful little flowers!!!!!  I am smiling....  Did I see a BIG smile from you?????

To see the name and date the photos were taken,  put your mouse over each picture (don't click; just hold) and the info will pop up!!!

Hope you enjoyed the Day Lilies today... I'm sure I'll post more soon!!!!  

Life is hard these days for so many of us... In our country,  we have been dealing with so many changes since Covid-19 started...   Not just Covid  problems,  but anger/bitterness/demands/protests/violence --and HATRED is all around us threatening our freedoms, choices, and our lives!  On top of all of this are our upcoming political elections.  All of this wrapped together is hard for us.  We are a country DIVIDED--and it just makes me so sad....  God Bless the USA.

Have an awesome week ---and do as I'm trying to do:  PRAY hard, and find ways to SMILE!!!