Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to APRIL!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful TULIPS from Biltmore!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

COLLAGES--Spring/Summer 2018

PETUNIAS on May 9 and again on June 5;  Love to see them grow and expand!!!!!
Dear Friends,   Recently --while learning the Google Photo's Program,   I started  making collages of some of our flowers/plants.    I also have a  Picture Collage Maker program --which I use on occasion... SO today,  I am sharing some of my collages with you.  Hope you enjoy them!!!

The top collage shows how much the Petunias have grown in a month.... One of my joys when it comes to gardening is watching the flowers grow!!!!!  The Petunias will stay pretty until late Fall--and DEER won't eat them!!!!!!  Yeah!

We bought this Clematis a few years ago and planted it in the front yard --hoping that it would grow and wrap itself around some ugly utility pole wires in our yard which we wanted to cover up!  The Clematis said "NO" to that area.   SO --we bought a Climbing Rose to put in that spot (which is doing okay so far)   and took the Clematis to the backyard,  put it in a container and on the deck steps... The Clematis  says "YES"...  It LOVES this area...

Our HOSTA Plants LOVE living in Tennessee
I love "all-things-green" ---so HOSTA is a favorite of mine. AND---it does great here in our area.  The only problem is that the deer love munching on it ---so we have to sprinkle Deer Scram on the plants to keep them from getting eaten.

We love our Day Lilies ---and they are just now beginning to bloom.    Here are a few of them for you to enjoy.

As I said above,  I enjoy watching our plants GROW.... This collage shows how fast the Canna Lilies can grow....   Now---all we need to do is to wait a little longer to see some pretty RED BLOOMS...   BUT--I love the foilage on these as much as the blooms.

As you know,  George and I love our Roses... Since we had a lot of rain recently,  the Roses are really putting on a show for us now.....   I will share one more collage of Roses for you (below)!!!

ROSES 2018
Aren't they just beautiful?   IF you want to know the names of any of the Roses or Day Lilies,  just ask...   We don't have enough regular Lilies blooming yet  ---but if and when we do get more (IF the deer leave them alone),  I'll post a collage of them...

We are having lots of trouble this year so far with the Deer... Believe me --it is disheartening!  We have a love/hate relationship with those beautiful creatures...  We spend MUCH money on Liquid Fence and other things to keep the deer away, but it doesn't always work very well...   Thank Goodness,  their munching hasn't been as bad a it could have been  SO FAR.  The good thing about Roses is that they WILL come back after the deer munch on the buds/blooms.   BUT--the Lilies and Day Lilies  won't---at least until the next blooming cycle.

George and I 'walk-the-yard' every day --looking for new blossoms/buds....  AND--we take lots of pictures as we walk....   When the deer do eat our flowers,   hopefully,  we'll have photos to enjoy instead!!!!

Have a great week, my Friends.