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Monday, January 9, 2012

More of the Blue Ridge Mountains

If you missed the last post showing our trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Thanksgiving Week,  please click HERE.   Today I'll share one more group of photos from our stops at the overlooks along our way.   Above is a picture of Price Lake.   Seeing this beautiful lake along the parkway was neat!!!   I think you get a taste of everything  when you stop at the overlooks along the Parkway.

This waterfall is 'almost' named after me...  Its name is Betsey's Rock Falls... In the picture above,  I was hiding the "E" ---so that it could be MY waterfall.  This waterfall is hard to see since it falls down the mountain in the distance.

This is Betsey's Rock Falls.  George put the long lens on his camera and got a picture of it... It is quite far away. 

I love the clouds in this picture.  OH---so much beauty along the parkway!!!!!

Finally,  here is another great photo of the BLUE Ridge Mountains.  See why they are called 'blue'????   Love seeing the layers of mountains!

Hope you enjoyed going on our little trip with us today---along the Blue Ridge Parkway.. Next week---I'll share more,  as we travel north toward Skyland Resort...

On another note,  this Mama was a 'happy camper' on Saturday.  Son Jeff brought his girlfriend to meet Mama!!!!!  Dawn is AWESOME ---and I SO approve... She's so personable, caring and smart.... Jeff has a "keeper" for sure. 

I was so excited that I forgot to take any pictures... Luckily they brought me a neat photo of them which they framed and I have on the end table next to our sofa....  Thanks Jeff and Dawn ---and thanks for coming!!!!  I love you BOTH very much.  Above is the picture they brought me....  Aren't they adorable?  (There's another picture of them on my Facebook page ---if you have FB.)

Have a great day.