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Friday, January 24, 2014

Betsy Got SOME!!!!!!

Snow in Tennessee
The Rhododendron in our backyard, near the deck and Bird Kitchen
Well----Hubby is happy!!!!  We finally got a 'pretty' snow!!!! I love snow and we haven't had much at all so far this winter... And --when we've gotten it, except for one small one,  that kind of snow has been the dry kind which just blows around.

The type of snow I love is a WET snow which clings to everything..  That is just SO pretty--even when it's only about a couple of inches... I also 'prefer' (ha) that it snow during the daytime --when I am home, sitting by the fireplace and can watch it come down... This one did just that!!!!!   SOOOOOO------

Hubby is happy for me ---but now hopes that Spring will come soon.  George grew up in Indiana where they had LOTS of snow.  He doesn't like it AT ALL.  But--since he's such a good husband,  he knows how much I love it and was happy for me on Tuesday (Jan. 21, 2014).   I have always lived in the south --and have seldom seen much snow.  SO---I keep saying:  Bring it on!!!!  (The frigid temperatures we have been having are NOT my idea of fun though... Guess I can't have it all!)

Today,  I'll share with you (I know that you KNEW that this post was coming--ha ha) some photos I took around our home/yard that day.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  Be sure to enlarge them for bigger shots.  (Apologies to my northern friends who have had more than enough snow in their areas!)

I call this a 'white out' --as the snow POURED down on us!

Another photo looking into our backyard toward the golf course fairway

Another photo of our Rhododendron, as it continued to snow!  (That is the heated birdbath.)

Our Holly Bushes in the front of the house

This is a photo of the bushes in our neighbor's yard (on the upside of our home);  I can see this from my kitchen window.

I love it when snow collects on all of the trees/limbs.  That is one of our Redbud trees in the front yard.

That is a photo showing how heavy the snow was at that time.  This is the neighbor's home across the street.  They live in Michigan and are seldom here.  (Can't believe they are not here now instead of being in Michigan!!! ha ha)

Here's another photo of the Rhododendron --after it continued to snow.  (I took these photos at different times during the morning.)

Here's another photo showing the neighbor's yard above us...

Our flag in the front yard;  I love seeing the colors when it's snowing!

Finally --this is the next morning!!!!  I love seeing that blue sky and the white ground with shadows!!!!  Glad it is OVER ---but it's still very COLD outside!
Hope you enjoyed my Snow Photos.... It wasn't a big snow --but it was PRETTY to me!!!! On Monday,  I'll share some photos of my Backyard Birds this week at the Bird Kitchen. They are eating LOTS and LOTS ---and I feel sorry for them in this cold weather.

Have a great weekend.  I'll see you on Monday.  I'll be working on my Family History this weekend.