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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia

Smith Creek
Another waterfall we visited on February 14th  (besides Horse Trough Falls --click HERE  to see that post) was ANNA RUBY FALLS.   This is one of the more popular waterfalls in Georgia --but since we were there on a cold, drizzly day,  there weren't too many other people around.

Anna Ruby Falls is found near the Unicoi State Park in White County, near Helen, Georgia.  Anna Ruby Falls gets its name from the daughter of the land owner,  John Nichols... After Nichols died,  the US Government purchased the land in the 1920's.  The entire area was named the Chattahoochee National Forest.

There is now a visitor's center and craft shop and a paved path up to the falls (which is .8 of a mile).  The path follows Smith Creek up to the falls, so it is a beautiful hike.   There is a small fee in order to visit this waterfall...

As you can tell from the pictures,  Anna Ruby Falls is really a double waterfall.  Curtis Creek (on the left) falls 153 feet.   York Creek (on the right) falls 50 feet.  Both  come together forming Smith Creek.   Curtis and York Creeks are named for early settlers in the area,  and Smith Creek got its name from one of the surveyors.

If you ever get to Helen, Georgia,  check out this gorgeous waterfall...   Be sure to click on all of the pictures in order to see them larger.  Above is a picture of Smith Creek---as we walked up to see the waterfall(s).

'Creative' Water at Smith Creek
Both George and I love to photograph water in a creative way... George is REALLY good at this---but this picture is pretty good,  don't you think?

As we hiked up that mountain,  we finally got a long-distance view of Anna Ruby Falls. You can see the paved path to the falls--with Smith Creek on the left.

Here is a picture of Anna Ruby Falls.  They have built some great platforms for viewing.  Curtis Creek is on the left and falls for 153 feet.   York Creek is on the right and fall for 50 feet.

Once we got to the top platform,  we got some close-up pictures of the waterfall(s).  Even though it was foggy and drizzly,  we loved these waterfalls ---and were glad that we visited here.. We had visited Anna Ruby Falls several years ago---but enjoyed it much more this time.

Here's a picture from the top platform looking back down the trail and Smith Creek. See the platform on the left?   The next picture of us was taken from this platform.

Finally,  George put up the tripod and took some pictures of us at Anna Ruby Falls.  We really enjoyed this gorgeous double waterfall.

I hope you can visit this one someday...