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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Favorite Things

"Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens... " You know that song, don't you???? WELL--I have a couple of favorite things also to share with you today, Waterfalls and Christmas Wreaths. You could have guessed them both, couldn't you????? Of course I have ALOT of favorite things---but these are two of my VERY favorites.

The first set of pictures are from another waterfall which George and I visited on Black Friday when we were on our trip to Erwin, TN. Of all of the waterfalls we visited that weekend, this one was definitely one of the prettiest--but also one of the hardest hikes. The book listed it as a HARD hike but it was short---so we did it. There were 2 water crossings. I did okay rock-hopping!!! BUT--there were tons of huge rocks to climb up and down --and my old short legs don't do well climbing like that. Luckily, George helped me--and I made it to the brink of the falls.

I sat and 'allowed' George to hike DOWN to the bottom of the falls for some great pictures. It was a pretty waterfall for sure. Below are five pictures of RED FORK FALLS in Unicoi County, TN. Red Fork Creek rushes 50 to 60 feet over a precarious rock escarpment.

This is a picture of Red Fork Creek--as it starts down the rocks.

I sat at this little cascade at the top of Red Fork Falls ---and enjoyed the sound of that water --after that hard hike!!! SO relaxing!!!

George climbed around to get some pictures of the creek and the cascade at the top of the waterfall.

This shows the bottom of the waterfall ---as it cascades on down the mountain.

Here it is!!!!!! THIS beauty is Red Fork Falls. George was so glad that he climbed down to the bottom of the falls ---since this one is a gorgeous waterfall. Seeing this one and getting its picture made it one of our more memorable hikes!!!!

My other 'favorite thing' to show you today is another Christmas wreath. In a previous post, I mentioned that Christmas Wreaths are always (and have always been) some of my favorite Christmas decorations. I already showed you our two lit wreaths hanging on the house in our front yard.

SO---today I will show you two more wreaths at our home. The one above is the wreath on our front door. This is not my favorite wreath; however, after I added the big red bow and the big jingle bells, it became more appealing. AND--my sons should recognize this one since it has been in my family for LOTS of years!! So it has sentimental value also!

And this wreath is over our fireplace. This one came from George's family --and it looks so perfect over the hearth.

Hope you have enjoyed some of my 'favorite things' today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!