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Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like SPRING

Two weeks ago,  I did a blog post showing how little spring we had in March this year (compared to the same month in 2012) ..... BUT-- once April got here and we FINALLY got some warmer temperatures,  the plants in our yard quickly woke up!!!!!  Seeing the new growth and all of the blooms was so WONDERFUL---and just put some new-found energy into me!!!!!  Today I will share some of these pretty colors.   Most photos were taken this past week. 

Hope you enjoy seeing some of our colors ... I'm sure I'll have many more to show you once more of our tulips, lilies, daylilies, and roses bloom!!!!!  Oh My---cannot wait!!!  The photo above is of one of DAD ADAMS' DAFFODILS...  Dad gave these little guys to us when we first bought our home in 2002. 

Here's a close-up of some of those sweet little DAFFODILS..  Aren't they pretty?

Dad Adams also gave us some tiny little GRAPE HYACINTHS.

The little PANSIES which we planted late last Fall are really coming alive now also.  They made it through the winter ---but love this warmer weather....  Here is a pretty yellow and orange  one for you to enjoy!!!

I love these little BLUE PANSIES,  don't you?

Every Spring,  I brag about our little ground cover,  our PERIWINKLE.   We have it all over the yard in places where we can't mow....  SO, in the Spring,  this little ground cover brings lots of BLUES to our yard... It is so pretty.

Our first TULIPS bloomed on April 7.  During one of the snows,  the deer nibbled on these.  I'm just glad that they didn't eat them all!!!!  These tulips are called PURISSIMA.

Here's our first RED TULIPS of the season.  These tulips are called RED DYNASTY. 

I've also mentioned that we have many 'different' DAFFODILS in our yard.  Here's a pretty one named TAHITI DAFFODIL. 

I love this plain WHITE DAFFODIL---named MOUNT HOOD.   I seldom see totally white Daffodils  (except for the tiny bit of yellow inside)--but there's something about this one  which I like.  Do you?

Here's another photo of  the MOUNT HOOD Daffodils.

There's not alot of color in our total yard yet ---but I like the way things are 'greening' up --and that Spring is finally here.  NOTE that our big trees (including the dogwoods and redbuds) have NOT leafed or bloomed yet AT ALL. 

Finally,   I'll share a photo from one of last year's newest flowerbeds.  I wasn't sure a few weeks ago whether we'd have any color here or not ---but this photo shows you some  DAFFODILS (Pink Charm and Mon Cheri)   and some PANSIES.   (PINK CHARM have the darker pinkish trumpet and MON CHERI have the lighter pinkish trumpet.)

Hope you enjoyed seeing our yard today... Hopefully,  I'll have many more posts showing all of our Spring flowers---as the season progresses!!!!

I had a marvelous week off from blogging.  I enjoyed working on my Family History and I enjoyed working in the yard now that it's warmer!!!!!   I also enjoyed watching my Backyard Birds --and taking photos.  Life is GOOD...  I realized that I cannot spend as much time blogging as I had been---so I apologize in advance if I don't visit your blogs as often as I have been.   I just have to have some BALANCE in my life... Thanks for your understanding.