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Monday, May 18, 2020

FANTASTIC Mother's Day 2020

Mark and his Mom on Mother's Day 2020
May 10, 2020 was one of the BEST Mother's Days that I have had!!!!  I think it was mainly because we have been cooped up in the house FOREVER it seems.... When one of my sons (Mark) asked if we wanted to get together on Mother's Day this year,  I jumped at the chance to say YES YES YES...

In trying to continue to follow all of the rules for staying healthy these days,  Mark and his gal, Robin,  took us to the top of a mountain for a picnic...  It was PERFECT....

Getting to ride in Mark's shiny red jeep was just SO MUCH FUN....  He took us up-up-up to the top of a mountain in the Cherokee National Forest near Farner, Tennessee ---to a place called BUCK BALD...  Wow---how special was that!!!!!   There were almost no people around ---so social distancing worked well up there!!!!

Mark and Robin had everything planned perfectly...  They took their tarp,  table--even with tablecloth,  grill,  chairs for all four of us----and while George and I relaxed,   they fixed us a special DINNER fit for a Queen/King.... We had Pulled Pork,  Baked Beans,  Potato Salad,  Mac/Cheese,  and Cookies for dessert...

It was truly like Heaven-on-Earth!!!!  We had gorgeous views all around,   great food,  and awesome fellowship, AND very few people around.   I/We needed this SO SO SO much...  I'm still excited about it ---a week later!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures from Buck Bald today!!!!!

View from Buck Bald

Thank You, Robin and Mark,  for such an awesome day!!!

Mark and Robin came prepared to cook us an  awesome picnic FEAST.

Different views --all directions;  I think this is where the Cherohala Skyway goes across the mountain from Tennessee into North Carolina.

George is watching Mark and Robin--hard at work fixing dinner!!!

From another angle---Beautiful Views EVERYWHERE--all around us! WOW!

This old woman was SO SO SO excited to be there.  Mark found out that there used to be a fire tower up here (which is now gone).... But the road up is still in good shape!!!!

What a delicious "Mother's Day" DINNER --on top of the mountain!!!

Dinner at Buck Bald;  How Awesome is this!!!!

Can you imagine sitting on the top of a mountain,  eating a fabulous meal ---and being able to enjoy the views??? WOW--it was fantastic!!!

One more picture of Mark and Robin --on top of the world!!!

I love this picture of Mark and Robin... They are always SO good to me....  Thank You AGAIN,   Mark and Robin, for making Mother's Day so special for me...

Two lovers  enjoying our day with family!!!!!  Not only was it special to me to be with Mark and Robin,  but the most special part of my life, my Georgie,  was there with me!!!  I am so blessed.
It did get a little cool on the top of that mountain  (hence the coats) --but it was mostly the winds!!!!! But---we weren't complaining because it truly was a beautiful day with bright sunshine!!!!

On a Clear Day,  You can See Forever!!!!!!  Mother's Day 2020 was that day for us!!!!!  Such Views;  Such company;  Such a gorgeous ride on the back roads in the Jeep;   LIVE IS GOOD!!!!