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Monday, August 29, 2011

Celebrating the Old and the Young

John Adams --on his 97th birthday,  two years ago
Today I celebrate two family members... First,  let me say a huge Happy Birthday to my wonderful father-in-law, John Adams.  Dad is NINETY-NINE today!!!!!  Isn't that just awesome?   All of his children (and spouses) will celebrate with him as we will take him out to dinner on Wednesday night.

John E. Adams
Most of you know that Dad and Mom moved in with daughter, Janet, in Tullahoma, TN several months ago.  They were both at the point in their lives where they couldn't live alone any longer.  You may also know that Mom died suddenly on June 6 this year. 

In 2006,  George and I drove Mom and Dad back to Winslow, Indiana--to see the church where they had gotten married in 1940.   This was one of the best trips I ever had with them. Just seeing their faces inside of that church was awesome!
After 71 years together (inseparable),  Dad is very lonely now --and doesn't seem to have a will to keep on living.  We hear that this happens alot with elderly couples who have been together for many, many years.  We are hoping that Dad will find a new zest for life --and make it to 100,  but that alone is up to him... Please keep him in your prayers.

John Emery Adams,  the best father-in-law a girl could EVER have!
But---right now,  let's celebrate with him those wonderful years that he has lived,  and been extremely healthy for most of them.  That man is an inspiration to me in so many ways.  I lost my Daddy in 1969 (and my Mom in 1991),  so when George and I got married,  I inherited the family I had so yearned for....  Hope you enjoy the pictures I picked out to share today...  Happy 99th, Dad!!!  We love you very very much!

A Sweet Picture of two people in LOVE --even after many, many years

My Grandson Landon playing five drums in his high school band
The other person I want to celebrate today is my fabulous Grandson, Landon. My son, Jeff,  attended his son Landon's football game this past Friday night.  Landon is part of the large Drumline in his high school band.  Jeff took this picture from the tunnel above --as the band marched onto the field.

Landon is a fabulous young drummer.
As you can tell,  the drumline all wear black ---as opposed to the band.  Love the uniforms!  They are so different from the old traditional uniforms I used to have to wear when I was in the band umpteen years ago.  Can you imagine carrying FIVE drums??? GADS--my back would be killing me! ha...  But we are certainly proud of this young man and his talent.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day today!!!!!