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Monday, August 15, 2011

Italian Water Garden at Biltmore

A picture from the side of Biltmore House.. Isn't that porch wonderful?
One of the places George took me during my Birthday Trip was to one of our all-time favorite places,  the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  NC.  Each time we go,  we try to see something new and different... As you know by now,  if you have followed my blog for awhile,  there are many different gardens to visit there plus many other things (most of which we haven't been to).

All of the gardens were designed by Frederick Olmstead---who worked with the client,  George Washington Vanderbilt.  The Esplanade in front of the house is a rectangular court with double rows of trees.  North of the Esplanade is a rectangular Italian garden and farther to the north is a Walled Garden, a Rose Garden and a 200 acre Azalea Garden.

There is also a Conservatory--which shelters Biltmore Garden's collection of Palms,  tropical plants and orchids --as well as the bedding plants for the outside gardens. And---there is also a Spring Garden --which is a nice little hike  on the 'other' side of the conservatory --away from the Azalea Gardens.  Like I've said,  you need to spend many days here --and come during all seasons.

These formal elements are set in a picturesque park,  making Biltmore a classic example of the Repton-influenced Mixed Style.  Olmstead was also interested in the layout of the vast wood estate (125,000 acres) in which the garden is set. Biltmore is the grandest estate ever built in America. 

Today,  I will show you the ITALIAN GARDEN.  Close to the house,  the elegant garden features geometric pools and fountains within a courtyard filled with classic statuary and symmetrical plantings.  As you will see,  there is a good view of the Biltmore House from here.

Here's a funny story I read.  Olmstead envisioned this space as an outdoor room for Vanderbilt and his guests.  With the garden's three symmetrical pools,  this garden is the perfect setting for QUIET reflection.  Well---apparently Vanderbilt and his guests had other ideas ----as they engaged in a lively tennis game nearby on the grassy area near the house!!!!

Sit back and enjoy seeing my photos from the beautiful Water Gardens.
You can see how close these gardens are to the Biltmore House.

As I said above, there are three pools like this one. And the area is manicured all around.

I love this one since you can see the reflection of the Biltmore House in the water.

In this picture,  you can see more of the lily pads --and some of the gorgeous sculptures around.

For some reason,  this picture captured my attention..  Maybe it's because you can see down into the water.

I don't know the name of this water plant --but I thought it was beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the water gardens at Biltmore.  I have lots more photos --which I will share at other time...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I certainly am enjoying Facebook --and have already caught up with so many old friends.  AWESOME.   Join me---won't you?