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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jiggers Creek Falls

When we went to Amicalola Falls State Park in the North Georgia mountains to celebrate George's birthday on March 9,   we stopped on the way down there to see two waterfalls... The first one was totally new to us ---and I'm featuring it today.

The Falls on Jiggers Creek are WAY back in the mountains not too far from Cisco in  Murray County,  Georgia.  The drive on the graveled/dirt forest road was pretty --and being back in the mountains is such a joy for us.  This waterfall can be seen from the road;  however,  George scrambled down the path to get the best view from the bottom.   He took the picture above of Jiggers Creek Falls... Isn't it pretty?

I took this picture from above --on the road,  from a distance.  The falls were still pretty although there were many trees between me and the water!!!

This is what a forest road looks like...  Our little Prius just does GREAT on these old mountain roads --whether we are going up or down...  The Forest Service does a good job of keeping these roads clear for those who enjoy driving back in the mountains --like US!!!!! ha

George took this picture of me --once we found Jiggers Creek Falls... You can see how happy I was to be there!!!!!

I enjoy walking along the creek... This picture shows the creek above the waterfall. The Rhododendrons were so pretty also.

I took this picture of George down on the creek bank getting some GREAT pictures of Jiggers Creek Falls.

Here's one more picture of Jiggers Creek Falls,  taken by George.  This time, though,  he managed to get ME in the picture also...See me?????

Hope you enjoyed our mountain ride to see Jiggers Creek Falls.  I don't have any idea where the name "Jiggers" comes from... Many of the creeks we visit have unusual names!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.  As I write this (on Tuesday night),  we are expecting more severe storms during the night tonight and in the morning.  We have had VERY high winds off and on Tuesday, and the temperature got up to 79 degrees today.  I mentioned to someone in a comment tonight that Mother Nature needs to take a "happy pill".... ha