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Friday, September 18, 2009

September in the Glade

As anyone who lives in Tennessee will tell you, we have had nothing but RAIN for the past three days---with more on the way. I'm not really complaining though since this is the first year in about three that we haven't had (or almost had) a drought. Hopefully, with all of this rain, that will mean that we will have a wonderful Autumn--with lots of pretty colors.

This past Monday--after George mowed, I took a bunch of pictures in our front yard ---since everything looked so pretty, especially our roses. I'm so glad that I did take all of those pictures then because at the time, we had no idea we were in for THIS much rain this week. SO---in honor of all of our rain (and hopefully some sunshine soon), today's blog will feature our roses and pretty yard. All pictures were taken on September 14. Above is our pretty Autumn Joy Sedum--which is now a beautiful shade of dusty rose. Below are more!

Here's looking up the driveway toward the house--at our roses.

This is taken from the other direction---standing near the garage, and taking the picture across the front yard--toward our beautiful dogwood tree (which is turning red). Note the roses here also.

Above is a close-up of some of our roses --along the driveway.

Isn't this Autumn Joy Sedum just gorgeous? The bees and butterflies love it!

I took this picture not only of the roses in this bed, but also to show you our Confederate Jasmine bush in the background (which blooms from late spring through fall).

For those of you who may be fairly new to my blog, we have about 50 different rose bushes. Most are hybrid tea roses, but some are grandiflora roses.

Here's a close-up of our beautiful pink dogwood. This is one of the first signs of Fall in our area. The dogwoods turn RED. Pretty, huh?

Here's a close up of Tahitian Sunset rosebuds and blossoms. Like so many of our roses, these start out one color as buds--and change colors as they age. The white rose is named Whisper.

Here's one more picture of our Autumn Joy Sedum. I can't get enough of these this time of year.

This is one of my favorites of the roses---showing the ones on the driveway in addition to the bed. We have them in pots along our driveway since roses need sun--and our yard is very shady overall. The driveway is sunny --and the roses seem to do well in big pots.

Finally, here is a picture of our beautiful little home in Fairfield Glade, TN. Come and see us anytime!!!!! We'll put you to work in the garden!