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Friday, September 11, 2009

Rufus Morgan Falls, Franklin, NC

I talk alot about how much I enjoy being deep in the mountains with nobody else around (except George of course) enjoying a beautiful waterfall. I feel God's presence all around ---and can just sit there and meditate for hours. One of these waterfalls that comes to mind is a little-known one in a remote, mountainous area near Franklin, NC.

We visited here (about a mile hike) on November 10, 2006. The falls are named after an Episcopal priest, Albert Rufus Morgan. He was quite a hiker--and hiked to Mount Le Conte in the Smokies 172 times. He lived to be 97 years old--and died in 1983. Here are some pictures from that hike. Above is Rufus Morgan Falls. You can see that this waterfall is divided into two distinct sections.

I loved this hike WAY up in the mountains. There is laurel and rhododendron everywhere!

This is the upper falls. What a beautiful setting!

George got fairly close to the falls.

Now see me holding up the rock???!!!! SURE I am!!!! ha

Now we are closer to the bottom part of the falls. Note the top part in the distance. This is such a neat area!!!! We had a wonderful hike up that mountain.

On our way back down that mountain, we could see Mrs. P (our Prius) waiting for us at the bottom... Can I tell you that the hike down was easier than the hike up?????? ha

Here we are at the bottom of the mountain. But--our sweet Prius keeps asking us WHY we make her drive us all over the mountains while we search for new waterfalls????.... She's better than a 4-wheel drive vehicle for sure since she drives us on many gravel and dirt roads in those mountains!!!!!

IF you enjoy hiking in the woods and are ever near Franklin, NC (this is for you, Peggy)---check this beautiful area and waterfall out.


Today is 9/11.... Please fly your flags today in memory of all of those Americans who died on 9/11/01. God Bless those families ---and God Bless the USA. Let's show our Patriotism today---and all of the time.