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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

On May 4,  on our way to Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina,   we stopped to do some hiking at Tallulah Gorge near Clayton, GA.   We wanted to check out their beautiful waterfalls (so--what else is new????)   and hike to the bottom of the gorge and back up!!!!  If you want to see a gorgeous video from Tallulah Gorge,  click HERE.

This gorge is known as one of the largest canyons in the Eastern US.  It is 2 miles long,  1.2 mile between the two sides,  and 1000 feet deep.  The Tallulah River --which formed the canyon and passes through it,  drops 500 feet in less than a mile --making for some spectacular waterfalls/cascades.

To get to the bottom of the canyon,  we hiked down almost 550 steps ---and then of course,  had those 550 steps BACK UP....  The going down was easy as you can imagine.  About 80 feet from the bottom of the canyon,  we crossed a suspension bridge before going on down to the bottom.

Today,  I'll share some photos with you from that hike.  Besides the hike down and back up,  we also checked out ALL of the overlooks on both sides of the canyon... The picture above was taken of us on the south side (after we had been down and back in the gorge).  Obviously,  we were RESTING... ha ha ...   It was a drizzly day---but luckily,  we didn't have too much rain.   I don't mind getting wet---but have to protect our cameras!!!

Here is a view looking down into the canyon from the north side --before we started down!!

This is a picture of some of the steps going down into that deep canyon.

And,  here is another one ---looking down-down-down.

Here is a picture taken from the south side of the canyon ---AFTER we climbed down and back up.  This shows the suspension bridge we crossed.  There are people on that bridge.  See them?????  (We are 80 feet above the canyon floor while on that bridge.)

AND---to prove that we made it down there to the suspension bridge,  George took this picture of me ON the bridge. I'm glad my jacket was plenty big --since I had all of my camera 'stuff' under there ---keeping it dry!!!!!

BUT---we have farther to go down in order to get to the bottom of the canyon.  We went down more steps ---and finally,  we could see the BOTTOM.

George took this AWESOME photo of the water at the bottom of the canyon.  He was able to use his tripod and get some excellent photos of the waterfalls and the water/canyon.  I'll share the waterfall photos plus more photos from the overlooks in another post. 

Here is a photo taken from the bottom,  looking BACK up at the rock cliffs (which are on both sides of the canyon).   Amazing gorge,  isn't it????

Here is a photo of George doing his 'thing' with the tripod!!!!  WOW--the pictures he can get with the proper filters, plus using a tripod!   I love watching him at work!

While he had the tripod out,  George got this picture of us at the bottom.  That is Hurricane Falls,  one of the SIX main waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge.  Hurricane Falls is 96 feet. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing some photos from Tallulah Gorge taken on May 4, 2013.  When our day was complete at the gorge,  we had put about 4 miles on our pedometers.. Great exercise!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day --and be sure and get out in nature and do some hiking!!!!  It's good for you! See you on Monday!