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Friday, January 8, 2010

The BIG (??) Snow in Middle Tennessee

First, let me apologize in advance to all of you who have had enough snow for a lifetime already this winter. I know that I'd feel just like you do IF I had THAT much snow. And I know you would send me a bunch if you could. BUT--we haven't had any much!!! Snow has missed us already about four times so far this winter... This week, the 'big one' was predicted for all of middle Tennessee... Sure--I said!!!!! (Just a little skeptical---that would be ME.)

All of my TN friends were excitedly talking about the BIG snow we were supposed to get yesterday. We have had terribly low temperatures for the past week with highs in the 20's and lows in the single digits. SO---the conditions were right, one would think. Me??? I was skeptical!!!!

When George and I made our weekly Wednesday grocery store trip, we were amazed that there were so many people in Walmart... GADS---people were in "panic mode" here--buying supplies for a week or two... I was still skeptical!!!!

But, inside of myself, I was truly hoping that we'd get a nice snow... I wanted to get excited... I really did!!! For you see, we live 2000 feet above sea level on the Cumberland Plateau. One would think that we would get more snow than other places nearby. However, for the past three winters, the snow has gone north of us, east of us, west of us, and south of us.

The forecasters this time really scared folks. We were going to get from 1-4 inches here. The headlines on Wednesday said this: "Cumberland Plateau prepares for hard-hitting Winter Weather". All of the news reporters were going through the big list of what to do in case of bad weather. That is all fine----but I was still skeptical!!!

The school system here (and in surrounding counties) called off school on Wednesday night for Thursday, LONG before the storm was to get here. Other meetings and classes were canceled ahead of the storm, and people just waited for the 'big one' to hit.

WELL--- I hate to admit this, but I was RIGHT. Other than flurries, we got NO snow much at all until after 3 pm. And --even with the light snow and flurries all day, I don't think I could call what we got even 1/2 an inch... I think it is just a good dusting!!!! How disappointing!!!!

See that radar picture above? That was at 8:30 our time yesterday morning---and the storm seemed to be missing most all of middle Tennessee... Isn't that just amazing????? I was disappointed---but truly just had to laugh!!!!!

Here are some pictures of our recent frigid weather and also of our BIG snow yesterday...

Here is a picture of the small cascade behind our house (taken by George on Jan. 3)--near the golf course fairway. We've seen ice here before --but never this THICK.

A close-up of the thick ice behind our home; As I said, our temperatures have been extremely cold (rare for us here) for the past week. The temperature has not gotten above freezing since January 1st here.

Another radar picture at 11 a.m. (our time); NO snow much in Tennessee!!!!

I took this picture at 3 p.m. ---after it had snowed here most of the day.... Ha Ha Ha

I took this picture at 4:30 p.m. ---after a little more snow late in the afternoon!!!

Another 4:30 pm picture taken looking out on the back deck (near the bird feeders)

Another view from the deck --looking toward the golf course fairway; Note the big accumulation on our railing and picnic table!!!!! Tee Hee!!!

Here's one more picture of the "BIG SNOW" we had... Wanna sit on our swing with me???? It's about 10 degrees this morning.

WELL--- if I hadn't have been so skeptical, I may have been horribly disappointed --since I want to see some snow so badly. BUT--I really just have to laugh instead... AND---I have one more reason why middle Tennessee is not getting any snow... Look back at those two radar pictures!!!! NOW---do you really wanna know why?????????? Are you sure??????

OKAY--here goes (and I apologize again if I offend anyone).... I hate to admit this, but Mr. Global Warming himself, AL GORE, lives near Nashville, TN... He would say that the reason we aren't getting snow here is because of Global Warming... That's why the entire country has been so warm recently..... RIGHT????? SURE!!!!! (NOT!) ----Ha Ha Ha (Bad Joke, I know!)

Hope you had a wonderful Thursday wherever you are!!!!! My advice: IF you don't like snow and don't want to see much, then you need to MOVE to middle TENNESSEE.