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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New and COLORFUL Birds to My Feeders

American Cardinal (male)
Here are some of the latest Backyard Birds in and around my yard recently.  Today I'll show you a little color!!!!  Above is a regular,  our male American Cardinal.  Isn't he gorgeous?  This is the prettiest time of year for the male birds!

Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements... Hope you enjoy them!

Pine Siskins (eating me out of 'house and home') plus one Goldfinch!
Since we have SO many of these little finches (as many as 30+ at a time),  I must share another picture of some of our many Pine Siskins. We have quite a few Goldfinches also--but the Pine Siskins outnumber all of them.

Eastern Bluebird (female)
Our Bluebirds are busy taking care of their babies... They go back and forth to the nestbox all day long... This is Mama Blue at the mealworm feeder.   Bluebirds are very protective of their nest.  AND--I found out that they do NOT like Blue Jays AT ALL.  Every time a Blue Jay comes around,  the Bluebirds dive-bomb the Blue Jay....  But--they don't seem to bother any of the other birds... Wonder why?????

Purple Finch (male)
Our Purple Finches (at least 2 of them) are still around...  This is not a very good photo since it was getting dark --and since I was shooting through the screen door... BUT--you can still see how beautiful he is.

Purple Finch (female)
The female Purple Finch looks alot like other little brown birds.  She is, however, larger than the other similar finches.  She and her male friend are ALWAYS together.

Purple Finches
Here's a photo of both the male and female Purple Finches.  They love to each take a side of the feeder and munch out on black-oil sunflower seeds.  (That is suet on either end of this feeder.)   Whoever named this bird a "Purple" Finch must have been color-blind.  Their color is not purple at all.  It's a very deep rose/raspberry color.

Indigo Buntings (males)
This is a new 'life' bird for me... It's the first time I have ever seen one of these.  They were in my neighbor's yard ---and that beautiful blue color really stands out.  These are two male Indigo Buntings. 

I zoomed and cropped to get a closer shot of the Indigo Buntings.   Wish I could get them to come to the feeders.  I read that they like thistle, nyger, and mealworms... I have all three.  Aren't they beautiful?  I got SO SO SO excited!!!!

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (female)
A couple of times a year,  the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks visit us (spring and late Fall) as they migrate through the area.  On April 30,   I saw a female Grosbeak...  They are such unique little birds.  Love her big white eyebrow!!!!!

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male)
THEN---on May 2,   I saw a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  Aren't they just gorgeous?  Talk about colorful!!!!!! 

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male)
Here's one more shot of the male Grosbaek----with his mouth full!!!!!! ha ha  (They really love the black-oil sunflower seeds.)

Hope you enjoyed seeing all of the COLORFUL birds at my feeders recently... Birding is just so exciting!!!!

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Have a wonderful day.