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Monday, November 24, 2014

Rose Buds in our Yard --during September, 2014 (and a Prayer Concern)

Sundance Rose (taken on 9/2/14)
Several of you have talked about how much you like  Rose BUDS----so I decided to give you a blog post showing JUST some of our beautiful roses in BUD-form.  Our Roses are GONE until May ---so I'll just have to enjoy all of our photos during the winter... Hope you enjoy more of our Roses.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

Paradise Rose (9/2/14)

Milestone Rose  (9/2/14)

Tahitian Sunset Rose (9/2/14)

Double Delight Rose (9/3/14)

Acapella Roses (Twins)  9/3/14

Francis Meilland Rose (9/3/14)

Summer Surprise Rose  (9/3/14)

Ronald Reagan Rose  (9/10/14)

Perfect Moment Rose  (9/11/14)

Welcome Home Rose  (9/14/14)

Pink Promise Rose (9/15/14)

Apricot Nectar Rose (9/16/14)

Soft Whisper Rose (9/27/14)

Peace Rose (9/29/14)
I could show you MANY more from different months since these were all from my September Rose Folder.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Do you have a favorite?  My two fav's from this group are Soft Whisper and Ronald Reagan.  But there are several others which I love.

My prayer request today is for ME.  I have done something to my left knee (the same one I had Meniscus Surgery on in 2010).  It hurts like CRAZY.... I can barely walk. Am going to the doctor today..  Please say a prayer or send some happy thoughts to me please!!!!!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Week...  Take some time to hug those you love and keep an ongoing list of all of your blessings.  We ALL have so many,  don't we?

God Bless All of you.