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Monday, February 16, 2009

Baker Falls in Tennessee

In yesterday's blog, I mentioned that we saw SIX new waterfalls this past weekend. Two that I showed yesterday were Rutledge Falls and Machine Falls. Today, I will show you the 3rd waterfall of the day. This one (pictured above) is named Baker Falls. It is located near Normandy Lake (northeast area) between Manchester and Tullahoma, TN.

This waterfall is located on private property, but the owners give permission to visit the waterfall. There was a parking area --and we were asked to post the words "Baker Falls" in the front window. Then we walked down through the yard to the falls. The owners have obviously put in much time, effort and money building a GREAT area down to the falls. They have put in steps that go all the way to the bottom. They have landscaped the area with beautiful English Ivy. There are vantage points along the way down. Both George and I were impressed ---and wished that we lived in an area with a waterfall on our property.. BEAUTIFUL!!! There are more pictures below.

From the vantage point where George is standing, you can see the brink of Baker Falls. Baker Falls plunges 30 to 40 feet over a ledge. A small, natural grotto is behind the falls.

George walked down to the lower level, while I stood above for awhile admiring this beautiful area.

Now I am standing below George. He is standing at the top of this set of stairs. Note the ivy around him!!! Like I said, they have done a fabulous job of making this waterfall accessible.

I am on the lowest level (which is a good sized overlook) at the base of the falls. Even though there wasn't very much water coming over this waterfall, both George and I enjoyed visiting it very much.