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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Northrup Falls, TN

On January 12, 2008, George and I drove north of Crossville to Colditz Cove to check out another of our favorite waterfalls, NORTHRUP FALLS. We had been there twice before but there was MUCH more water coming over the falls this time. This beautiful cove is only an hour northwest of Crossville--and is a beautiful place to visit. The cove is filled with lots of greenery and rhododendron, even though it was winter. We had a gorgeous day on the plateau --and the temperature was about 48 degrees, perfect for hiking. Here are some pictures from Northrup Falls.

From where we park the car, we have to hike deep into the woods to get this far ---to the top of the cove.This is a nice place to view the waterfall---but we enjoy hiking down into the cove to see the falls up close and personal.

The hike down into the cove is gorgeous---with rhododendron all around us. I took this picture of George as we rounded some of the rock croppings.

George took this picture of me --as we hiked down into Colditz Cove toward the waterfall. Aren't those rocks amazing?

Once we got to the waterfall, we could walk behind it ---and all around. I took this picture of George from the other side appearing as if he is almost 'under' the waterfall.

On our way out, we passed by some smaller waterfalls ---and this 'Big Mouth' tried to get a drink!!!!!! ha

Here is the path on the way back up the cove. As I said, this is a beautiful area.

Here's one last picture of the waterfall. George climbed around to the other side to get some pictures of the falls. Aren't they pretty??? Wish you could hear the sound down there in that cove! People swim in the pool in summer. By the way---do you see me standing there on the left side of the falls????? I am there!!!!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures for a nearby waterfall. We are blessed here in our area of Tennessee to have many beautiful waterfalls nearby.

Have a great weekend. I will post again on Monday.


P.S. Thanks for asking about my foot problem. The foot is MUCH better --as of now. I hope it stays this way!!!!