Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Monday, June 1, 2020

IRISES in our Yard--2020 (Part I)

Concertina Iris--  picture taken 4/21/20
Dear Friends,   I know you have heard me complaining about our crazy Tennessee weather this past month(s)...  We have had WAY too much rain (for many months) --and this past month,  we have had some unusually cooler/cloudy weather, after having a very mild winter.... I may not have liked the weather much of this time,  but our IRISES this year must have LOVED it.   That is because the IRISES have been prettier and more abundant than many years in past.

We have had 32 different varieties blooming --with most every plant with LOTS of blooms.  Wish you could have been here to see some of these blooms.   I was sad to see the Irises finish blooming for now   --but since we have re-bloomers,  many of them will bloom again in Fall.    AND---now that the Irises are gone,  guess what is next??????? WELL---here comes the Roses,  Lilies, and Day Lilies.... YEAH RAH.

Today,  I'll share one of probably three posts showing our IRISES.  Hope you enjoy seeing these little beauties!!!!!

Garden Grace Iris  4/21/20

Immortality Iris 4/28/20

Second Fiddle Iris after the rain 4/25/20

Victoria Falls Iris 4/28/20

Buckwheat Iris 4/28/20

Pinkness Iris 4/28/20

Blatant Iris 4/21/20  (one of our BEST bloomers this year)

Cantina Iris 4/28/20

Lemon Duet Iris 4/28/20

Anxious Iris 4/17/20  (Love the border on this newish Iris in our yard)

Eggnog Irises (2 in one!!!) 4/28/20

Clarence Iris 4/21/20

Honey Glazed Iris (our first bloomer this year on 4/9); This picture was taken on  4/21/20.

Las Vegas Iris 4/28/20

Double Your Fun Iris 4/14/20

BLATANT IRISES in abundance 4/22/20
I'll close showing you just one picture of how many blooms and buds we had from our Blatant Iris this year.  As I said --you should have spent the months of April/May with us!!!!  Every day,  as we "walked the yard, there would be more Irises in bloom.  Even now (as I write this on May 31) --we still have one Iris blooming,  one called Fall Fiesta....

My question is:   Do you have a favorite from this group today???? I love them all,  but Second Fiddle is exquisite I think with the raindrops on it....

Have an awesome week --and stay healthy as life begins again!!!!! Welcome to JUNE.   YEAH!!!