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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Storms on the Blue Ridge Parkway

This is the 3rd post from my wonderful Birthday trip to Virginia last week. If you missed either of the first two, go to my sidebar and scroll down to the Labels. Then look for Birthday 2010 and click on it.

Today's post consists of the storm clouds we encountered on our way to the Peaks of Otter --along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Once we got on the parkway south of Roanoke, VA, we noticed that there were some storm clouds building all around us... Luckily for us, most of the rain seemed to miss us. So---when we stopped at the overlooks, we were able to get some great photos not only of the mountains but also of the skies.

And the good news was that, by the time we got to our resort, the rains were gone --and the temperatures were MUCH cooler... That was AWESOME!!!! Above is a neat picture of some of the thunderclouds that were brewing all around us.... Below are more photos!!!

We stopped at most of the overlooks and enjoyed the views ---even with the rains all around.

You can see how the rain clouds were getting closer. Isn't that a good picture of the mountain peaks in the background?

I love this picture since you can actually see the rain in this picture. Neat, huh?

When I took this picture, we were at an overlook --and the rains were VERY close. The winds were blowing hard and it was getting darker and darker... We quickly took our pictures and jumped back in the car!!!!!

Isn't that a neat picture --showing the clearing of the skies in the distance? We made it through the storm just in time to reach the Peaks of Otter.

We didn't think the storm was very bad until later --when we heard that there had been hail in some spots, trees down and more damage in other areas... Here we were, just driving along taking our pictures, never knowing how serious that storm could have been. Guess we were part of the lucky ones!!!!

Speaking of RAIN, we finally got 2 inches of rain yesterday, the first significant rain we have had in about 2 weeks. YEAH!!!!

Hope you have a great day.