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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A 100th Birthday Celebration

My wonderful father-in-law,  John Emery Adams,  turns 100 years YOUNG today!!!!   As you read this,  we are with him still celebrating... 

This past Saturday,  in the Fellowship Hall of his church,  First United Methodist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee,   many, many friends and family members gathered to help Dad celebrate his birthday... Today I will share some pictures from that party.

Family members came from all over the country to celebrate,   and many friends stopped by to see Dad and congratulate him.  For me personally,  I enjoyed seeing many old friends from Hendersonville ---since I worked in that church for 3 years before retiring.  That made this party even more special for me.

For those who don't know about my inlaws,   let me tell you that when I met and married George,  I fell totally in love, not only with him,  but with his wonderful parents... Mom Adams used to make me a Peanut Butter Pie (my fav) for my birthday every year!!!!  Mom died in June of 2011.  Since Mom and Dad were so very very close (had been married for 72 yrs),  we didn't expect Dad (who was the older one) to live much longer after Mom died.  However,  he has perked up and has made it to age 100.... What an awesome man--- and an inspiration to all who know him.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures from the party.... Above is Dad Adams and his three children:  Ken (68)--who lives in Indiana;  Janet (60) -- who lives in Tullahoma, TN;  George (70)--who lives in Crossville, TN.  Janet is the one who deserves the kudos --since she is Dad's caregiver.

Many many Family members and friends came by to talk to Dad ---and Dad LOVED it!!!

Dr. Ben and Betty Alexander talk to Dad..  Brother Ben is one of the ministers at the church, and Dad and Mom attended his Bible Studies for years.

This is Janet's two sons and their children. 

This group includes some of Mom Adams side of the family, the Cassidays. 

First Row:  Bonnie (Ken's wife);  Dad;  me;   Second Row:  Ken;  one of Ken's sons (David) and his wife;  George

This family group is the Woodke family,  relatives on Dad's side.

Row 1:  Ken, Dad, Bonnie;   Row 2:  George and me

This was one of the most moving times of the party.  The great grandchildren sang  "Happy Birthday" and "Jesus Loves Me" to their PawPaw.

Finally,  here's one more photo of Dad and us.  Front row:  Me, Dad, Bonnie;  Second row:  George, Janet and Ken

I don't know the number of people who attended that two-hour party---but between family and friends (who came and went all afternoon),  I think there must have been at least 75 people total... Dad handled the day very well---and even ate a good dinner that night when all of the family went to dinner together at the Chop House.

What a remarkable day ---and what a remarkable man.... God Bless You, Dad Adams,  as you enter into year 101 of your life.

Please say a little prayer for Dad today --as we celebrate his 100th birthday together as a family.  If you want to see more pictures of Dad  (pictures of him through the years),  click HERE to see George's blog post today.

Have a great day...