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Friday, May 13, 2011

April Backyard Birds

After eleven posts,  I have decided to give "Let's Talk Friday" a break... I may bring it back sometime--but right now,  I have too many other posts to do!!!!!   Today I'm sharing a few of the backyard birds which I saw at my feeders during April.  Above is always a favorite of mine,  the PILEATED WOODPECKER.   Here he is sitting on the rail getting ready to pounce on the suet feeder...

I heard Mr. PIleated say:  "Okay--now that I'm here,  what do I do next?????"  ha ha... Silly bird!!!

"This is better" he said!!!!  "YUM---how I love this delicious suet.."

We have lots and lots of finches this Spring.  We have Goldfinches,  House Finches and Pine Siskins...  I enjoyed watching the male Goldfinches change colors from one day to the next during April... NOW (not when this picture was taken)---they are just gorgeous in their bright yellow and black colors.

How many finches will fit on one plate feeder????????ha

Here is the beautiful bird which visits us every spring and fall --as they migrate.  He is a male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK.   Luckily,  we had several males aand females visit us for a couple of weeks during April. They are so gorgeous...

Here is the female ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK.  She is beautiful also--but looks very different from the male.

WELL---this is just a sampling for all of the birds that visited our feeders during April.   Besides this group,  we enjoyed seeing our Eastern Bluebirds (which are nesting in our nestbox nearby),  Cardinals,  Tufted Titmice,  Carolina Chickadees,  White-breasted Nuthatches,  Carolina Wrens,  Mourning Doves,  Brown Thrashers, Bluejays, Robins (YES--they like the suet feeders also),  and our resident woodpeckers (Red-bellied,  Downy, and Northern Flickers).   I have also seen a few Hummingbirds --but haven't gotten any pictures yet.

Hope you enjoyed my Backyard Birds!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.  Hope Blogger BEHAVES itself now..


P.S.  Be sure and look at yesterday's blog showing some gorgeous Azaleas (if you missed it yesterday).  I had about 30 comments before Blogger went down---but lost them... Had to republish that post...  (Even lost a post I had in the 'hopper' for next week....Darn!)