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Monday, December 16, 2019


The Weather outside is frightful.  The Fire is so delightful.  Since we've no place to go.  LET IT SNOW...
Dear Blog Friends,   On December 10,  we had a really pretty (only 2 inches and nothing on the roads much) little snow... It was just perfect ---and since we seldom EVER have snow in December when our Christmas Decorations are up,   I just had to try out my new iPhone (which has an amazing camera).  SO--I'll share some of the pictures with you from that fun day in Tennessee.

See that snow coming down....   That's SO rare for us, especially at Christmas time.

The Deck ---all lit up for Christmas!!!

It's now dark out there --and still snowing!!!!!!  We are definitely comfy inside!!

Another picture of the deck --as the snow continues

Looking out front from the front porch!!!!  

Now--I'm outside playing in the snow... Our holly bushes are covered!!!

Looking down the driveway... Love this camera!!!!  Amazing how the camera made it look like it was still light outside even though it was pitch-black-dark!!!!  WOW.  

Another picture of our outside Christmas decorations....  They are so pretty with the snow,  don't you think?

The snow is still piling up on the deck!!!!

Good Morning ---It's early on December 11th and the sun is beginning to come out!

I always love seeing the snow clinging to evergreens.

The snow is over the morning of Dec. 11 --and the beautiful blue skies have returned....

I'll close with this one taken on the  morning of Dec. 11th.   I just enjoy seeing the snow on the Holly Bush, with that wreath above.

Hope you enjoyed our little snow.... As I tell my friend Neal (who teases me about loving snow so much),   I don't want or need a BIG snow to make me happy....  The little ones which cling to everything are really my favorite kinds of snow....

George said:  "Okay, since you've had 'your' snow---let's move on to SPRING"......
I said:  "Well--I wouldn't mind a few more of these little snows before Spring gets here"....

Have a wonderful week, my Friends,  and take time to enjoy this month, and let's all remember to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us.