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Monday, February 23, 2015

Part II of our Weather Week to Remember ----Feb. 17, 2015

Icy Trees --after the 1st storm on 2/16  (Lots of trees and limbs down --but luckily,  not in our yard)
I had been complaining about us not having much of a winter here in our area of Tennessee this year----UNTIL this past week...  HA---Mother Nature showed me who is BOSS!!!!!  AND--it's not ME!  All I wanted was a little snow this winter..

SO--Mama Nature gave me a little snow ---and much, much more... First,  she gave us an ICE STORM (2/16)... If you missed that blog post,  click HERE.

The ONE good thing to come out of a week like we had is that we got LOTS of gorgeous photos... I'll share more of them today and in more upcoming posts.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took the day AFTER our ice storm (2/17/15).  Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.

One of our Holly Bushes covered with ICE

Looking out in our front yard --toward the street;   As you can tell,  we got a LOT of ice,  some sleet and a little snow.  VERY SLICK outside!

Our poor LARGE Rhododendron Bush;  It is really struggling.  Luckily our deck rail and bird bath are helping to hold the icy Rhody...  Hope the branches don't break.  I love this big bush and it is filled with BUDS... Now I wonder what will happen to it!

Here's another close-up of some of our ICY trees.  The one on the right is our Pink Dogwood....The others are in the empty lot across the street.

A close-up of one of our Holly Bushes filled with ICE

Looking out our driveway the morning of 2/17; That is TOTAL ice under a layer of sleet and a tiny bit of snow... Pretty---but very very slick;
The morning after the Ice Storm,  our community sent out emails telling people NOT to go out due to the horribly slick roads.  The community was busy cleaning up branches and downed trees first before they could 'tackle' the roads--trying to clean them off some.  BUT--the ice really was the worst thing we could have had...   Needless to say,  George and I did NOT go anywhere that day!  We did enjoy taking pictures --so I hope you enjoyed them  today.....

Remember also that along with this ice/sleet/freezing rain/snow,  we had extremely frigid temperatures ALL WEEK.  We were below zero  (F) a couple of days --and one day the HIGH temperature was only about 10 degrees... From Monday,  Feb. 16, until Saturday, Feb. 21----we were below freezing the ENTIRE time.  SO---any ICE or SNOW we got all week just stayed with us the entire week... NOTHING melted --even when the sun came out... Crazy!!!!! 

SO---what comes next???  You will just have to wait and see what happened the next day--on Wednesday,  2/18!!!!!  AND then---there's MUCH more....We had a whopper of a storm on Saturday.  This one took our power out for 50 hours... What a WEEK.  More pictures to come! You just won't believe it!!!!!