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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tulips and More...

I took more pictures in our yard today ----so of course, I just HAD to show you... So much has changed ---even in two days! Above is a picture of some more of the Tulips blooming in our side flowerbed. Below are more...

The Phlox look pretty in our big rock bed beside the driveway. When we purchased our home and moved here permanently in 2003, we inherited a rocky, dirt, no-grass, steep, ugly area from the driveway down to the lower side of our yard. We knew we needed something growing in that area ---so we started out with the Phlox, Semps, Pinks, Candytuft, and then added our favorite ground covers, Periwinkle and English Ivy. It's taken several years, but this area finally is beginning to look really nice.

This is some of our Candytuft (Iberis) --in the same big rock bed. All of the colors in this bed now really have added alot to an area which used to be bare and ugly. Any gardener will tell you how much work goes into trying to make your yard look good---and many times, it takes YEARS.

I just had to include this picture of the pretty two-tone red/white Tulips---with some Periwinkle blooming in the background. Pretty, huh?

Here's a picture of our backyard---looking toward the golf course fairway. As you can tell, we have Periwinkle growing back there. NOTE: You can see the Bluebird nestbox in this picture also.

Here is the lower side of our front yard . You can see the empty lot next door. AND--you can also see one of our beautiful Redbud trees blooming.

Here's the upper side of the front yard. Our Pink Dogwood is beginning to bloom.

Finally, and I think I saved the best 'til last----here is our beautiful side flowerbed with Tulips and Daffodils blooming like crazy. The neat thing about this bed is that once the Daff's and Tulips are gone, we have Daylilies, Irises and Lilies coming next!!!!!! Yeah Rah!!!!

Now for the bad news!!!! We need your prayers for the next few days. There's some bad weather coming ---with storms and MUCH COLDER temperatures... I just pray that we won't lose all of this beauty!!!!!! Thanks for your help!!!!!!