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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Party Time

George and I went to Tullahoma yesterday to visit his 'almost' 100 year old father...  Dad is doing well ---and still has his sense of humor.  When we got ready to leave,  Dad said this:"If you find a pack of wild horses,  please save me a couple"...... Isn't he a Cutie?

Anyhow the party today is NOT about Dad (that big 100 yr. old party will come in August).  This party is all about our wonderful TOYOTA PRIUS.....  Mrs. P, as we lovingly call her,  just yesterday turned over to  200,000 miles on the odometer....  AND--she is still getting us about 54 miles per gallon (which comes in handy these days when the cost of gas just keeps rising). 

Mrs. P has been with us since we bought her in 2005 (she's a 2004 Prius).   She has taken us all over the country since then ---and has NEVER given us one bit of trouble.  In fact,  we are still on her FIRST set of brakes (which is rare for a car this old).

When we take her into the Toyota place for service,  everyone is surprised that she is in such good shape and still going STRONG.    Why would we trade her for a newer model when she is still doing so well?????  SO---we will keep her until she causes us a major problem.  So far,  no problems!!!!!  We will buy another Prius ---but one never knows if a newer one will EVER be as good as Mrs. P has been!!!! Congrats to her!

SO--since George and I LOVE to celebrate,   we invite you to have a party today in her honor!!!!!   I'll share some photos today that we have taken in various places since 2005.  Above,  Mrs. P is waiting patiently (she is very patient and never complains) at an overlook for us to take LOTS of pictures!!!!!  Below are more.

Most of you will notice where this picture is... This is our wonderful little cabin at Mt. Nebo,  Arkansas.  Mrs. P has made MANY trips up that mountain--carrying us and all of our 'stuff'...

Mrs. P takes us on bumpy dirt roads ---as we head back into the mountains in search for new waterfalls.

Can you see Mrs. P down there????  We had been on a hike in North Carolina and were coming back down the mountain when we spotted her,  sitting there waiting for us...  (I think she takes some good books to read while she has to wait!!!!!! ha ha )

Even in muddy conditions,  Mrs. P will just take us anywhere we want to go!!!!

Finally,  we recently took a Valentine's trip to the North Georgia mountains... We were near the Unicoi State Park area again searching for waterfalls --when we encountered some snow!!!!!  Again,  Mrs. P did well--and seems to handle whatever conditions we encounter.

Please lift your glass in celebration of MRS. P today!!!!!  She's been a fabulous car --and I hope she'll keep on keeping on for many more months or years!!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend.  I will see you on Monday.