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Monday, December 10, 2018

Why we LOVE the BEACH (Beach Trip-2018)

Islander Inn,  Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina (A view from our room)
Dear Friends,   Sorry I wasn't around last week.... My intentions were to do 'this' post LAST week while we were at the beach..  BUT---those best laid plans didn't work!!!   I just couldn't find time to blog.  Oh WELL---we are now home,  and I'll share some posts from our latest trip to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina  from Dec. 2-7, 2018.

Many of you know that we have taken this trip most every year since we got married in 2001. We first stayed at Cherry Grove Inn in North Myrtle Beach, and when they tore that gorgeous little inn down in order to build another huge high-rise in that area,  we then moved to Ocean Isle and have been coming ever since.

Some years we came in May,  other years in December,  and other years,  both times!!!  I personally prefer December  since May has gotten so crowded.  Last year was the first time I think we didn't get to come at all (due to my hospitalization plus deaths and other illness in our family).It was great to get back this year!

My Theme for these upcoming posts this year  is  "What we Love about the Beach"...  Hope you enjoy today's post  (with at least 2 more to come on other dates)...  Note picture above...   One thing we LOVE about being here is the Islander Inn where we stayed...  Having an Ocean-Front room is so awesome.   It is a TRUE vacation for us!

From inside our room ---looking out at our balcony ---and the Atlantic Ocean! Another thing we loved was sitting outside on our balcony, drinking some Hot Tea and doing our Devotions from there!!!

Another of my favorite things to do this time of the year is waking up each morning to see a gorgeous SUNRISE from our balcony..  WOW!

Another thing we enjoy is walking on the beach!  George is 'patiently'???  (ha) waiting for me to join him!!!!!!!

Love the Palm Trees  and the dunes!!!!

Looking back from the beach at the Islander Inn;  Our building is the one to the left of the Gazebo, and our room was the top left!!!

Walking on the beach is WONDERFUL --especially this time of year when there are NOT many people around!!!!  LOVE it....

What do we do while on the beach???   We get a great walk in,  and we take lots of pictures.

We also love watching and HEARING the waves!!!

This old woman  absolutely loves  walking on the beach!  (It was a cold, windy day --but still, so much fun!)

We enjoy walking down to the Fishing Pier ---and I always love the REFLECTIONS.

IF you have followed my blog for many years,   you will remember  "MY" home... I have had my picture made in front of this HUGE beachfront home since 2012 (when they were building that home).   For some reason though,  the owners won't give me their home!!!!!  Dang!   ha ha ha

After our walk on the beach,  we enjoyed some REST time in the Gazebo.

Finally,  after a wonderful day,  we enjoyed seeing the gorgeous skies  --after SUNSET.
There are many other things we LOVE about being at the beach...  You will have to stay tuned to see more from Ocean Isle Beach,   December 2018...

Have a blessed week, my Friends.


Monday, November 26, 2018

A Family Thanksgiving 2018

Our Thanksgiving Family:   Left to right:  Mark, George, me, Bert,  Jeff, Dawn,  Shirley (Dawn's Mom) and Robert (Dawn's father)
Thanksgiving Day this year was at our home--although we did take everyone out to dinner.   For me,  the biggest joy I have is when all three of my sons are together.    Since these guys live such busy lives --it is hard to get everyone together at the same time...    SO-- you can imagine what a blessing it was to have them all here this year...

This year,  there were 8 of us. George's daughter was enjoying Thanksgiving in Tullahoma with her aunt.  George's son and family were with their family in Florida.

After developing  A Fib this year,  I knew that I couldn't prepare a big dinner for the family.   That upset me since I've always had so much energy to do the things I love.   But--life has slowed me down this year  bigtime.  However,  the good news is that I was able to sit and relax and just enjoy being with the family!   The bad news was not having those wonderful left-overs  --which always taste SO good!!!!! ha

We took the family to LEGEND'S  (a community restaurant,  which is part of our Druid Hills Golf Club).   They were offering a BIG buffet --with turkey, ham and all of the traditional trimmings.   I'm sure that all of us had PLENTY to eat  (maybe a little too much)....   I even ate a piece of Pecan Pie and George had some Pumpkin Pie.   YUM....

I didn't take too many pictures this year,  but did get a few when we were at Legend's,  and  later, some at home....  Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Thanksgiving has always been special for the family ---but after the year I have been through  with my health problems,   this year's time together was probably one of my favorites!!!!  The good news is that Dawn and Jeff have invited us to their home on Christmas---so we'll get to see each other again soon!!!!!  YEAH!

My Blessings:  Sons Bert (55),  Mark (48)  and Jeff (47)

Son Jeff and his very creative wife,  Dawn

Son Mark ---texting with Diana (his Texas Girlfriend) ---or his daughter, Brooke

Bert  (goes by Tre now)

George got the tripod out --so that we could get a picture from home!
1st row:  George, me, Shirley, Robert  (Dawn's parents)
2nd row:  Bert, Mark, Jeff,  Dawn
All in all,  it was a marvelous day...   Taking time to give thanks is so important. I am SO very thankful for my family.  Life is so precious..... None of us know when our lives will change...  My advice:   Live each day to its fullest;  stay positive and always find the blessings all around you!    Have a wonderful holiday season my friends....