Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE. My blog picture shows a gorgeous picture of my favorite AZALEA, named the FLAME AZALEA. I took this picture this past month when we were at Biltmore on 5/17/23.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

More Beauties from Biltmore (5/17/23)

Hello Blog Friends,   Hope you are not tired of seeing our Biltmore pictures!!!!!  If you are,  then I'm sorry since I am showing you more today... What is interesting for me is looking up the names for some of these gorgeous flowers....   Sit back and enjoy!!!!!! See how many names you knew!!!!

Wax Begonias of all colors 

The one on the left is called a Rex Begonia (I had no idea this was in the Begonia family), and the on the right is called a Blushing Bromeliad.

Biltmore Conservatory is known for its many Orchids.  Here are only three:  Left--Moon Orchid;  Middle--Renanthera Orchid;  Right--Crimson Cattleya

White-spotted Calla Lily


Bigleaf Hydrangea

Peace Lily  (Don't you love this name?)

China Rose Hibiscus

How many did you know????  I'll admit that I have no idea the names of ANY of the Orchids... To me,  an Orchid is an Orchid.... ha ha


I'll close with one of my favorite photos taken of Bert (about a month before he died).  This was his last trip with his two brothers/wives ---taken on March 26, 2023 (he died on April 21)... They enjoyed a weekend together in Folly Beach, South Carolina.  Son Jeff took this picture of Bert---early in the morning while waiting for the sunrise... I see this picture and it brings tears to my eyes.  I wonder what he was thinking that morning??????  Bert knew he was going to die,  and maybe he was asking God to take him to that beautiful place called Heaven... He was READY --even though the rest of us didn't want to lose him so quickly...   I AM glad that he didn't suffer and that he is in a better place...  BUT??????? 

Oh---how I miss him!

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

"What we Saw" at the Biltmore Estate on May 17-18, 2023

 Dear Blog Friends,   George and I finally got to Biltmore  (first time since Christmas)  on May 17-18, 2023...  As most of you know,  we have season's passes and love to go several times during the year to see all of the different events and blooms... On this little trip,  these are some of the things which we saw!!!! Biltmore was beautiful---and was a little trip we both desperately needed (after our rough 3 months dealing with son Bert's cancer and death)...

SO today,  I have chosen to share with you several things which we saw during this visit!!!  Hope you enjoy my post and hope you can get to Biltmore sometime to enjoy it for yourselves!!!  (By the way,  these pictures are only a SMALL portion of what we saw and did... I took about 200 pictures!!!! ha)

Beautiful Biltmore ---'MY' Home (of course!!!!!!! ha)

George and I --taken at the Lagoon at Biltmore --across the water looking up toward the back of the BIG house!!!

The Kousa Dogwoods  are in full bloom and are all over the grounds at Biltmore.  Gorgeous!!

I loved seeing all of the Rhododendrons in bloom while we were there.

AND the Mountain Laurels were showing off all of their beauty!

Looking across the lake not far from the waterfall;  I loved the reflections in the water.

This is something I have never seen at Biltmore!!!  Be sure and read the sign!!!

See the Rhododendrons in bloom across the lake?

Beautiful flowers inside the Conservatory

It was interesting to watch the Biltmore Black-Smith.  He was so personable and fun to listen to and watch.

And my favorite thing to show you:  a beautiful Chandelier hanging in the Winery by none other than CHIHULY.   Isn't it awesome????

Hope you enjoyed seeing my photos... As you can tell,  we had a great time!!!! Several of you have asked how we are doing.  We are OKAY....  I miss Bert TERRIBLY and think about him constantly.  BUT--he would not want me to sit around and mope and be sad.   SO---we are keeping on living the best life we can!!!! It's all about ATTITUDE!!!! 

Bert's 60th Birthday will be on July 18.   The family will scatter his ashes in the Smoky Mountains sometime that week...

Hope you are doing well.   I'll try to do a better job of blogging and staying in touch. 

Much Love,