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Saturday, May 18, 2024


 Dear Blog Friends,   Our IRISES in the yard this year have been truly fantastic.  We have had 51 different varieties --and all of them had many stalks/blooms...  Truly Awesome.    Here are some more of my favorite Irises for 2024.... 

World Premier  4/23/24

Autumn Circus 4/23/24

Picasso Moon4/24/24

Garden Grace 4/24/24/

Laura Jean 4/24/24

Second Fiddle 4/27/24

Goodnight Kiss 4/28/24

Broadway 4/29/24 (a favorite new Iris this year)

Another favorite new Iris this year:  Daughter of Stars (4/29/24)

Orange Harvest 5/2/24  (an every year favorite.) 

Another every year favorite:  Bountiful Harvest 5/4/24

Tennessee VOL   5/6/24.  (favorite since I love the TN VOLS)

WELL--enough Irises for today!!!!!  The Irises are leaving us now--but hopefully some of the re-bloomers will bloom again in Fall. 

Hope you are safe and well.  We've had our share of storms here --but so far, nothing serious...  It has been many years since we've had THIS much rain!   BUT --after seeing what happened in Houston this week,  I do NOT need to complain about 'just' rain here!!!



Betsy said...

We have also had tons of rain and a tornado too, just a mile or so north of us in Elkhorn.
Your iris are absolutely beautiful. So many varieties.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, totally stunning! The iris are blooming here, but none are never as gorgeous as yours. My favs are Orange Harvest, Broadway, Goodnight Kiss, and Laura. So you can see that most of them are my favorites!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Betsy
So wonderful to see your beautiful irises, the colours are amazing.

Keep safe and well.

All the best Jan

Marcia said...

Those are gorgeous. We have buds just now showing on some of the iris I have planted here in NH.

Fun60 said...

I never knew there were so many varieties. Everyone of them is gorgeous.

Ann said...

They're all beautiful. The iris here are just now getting ready to bloom. It won't be long before I can post my yearly iris photos :)

Big Dude said...

Really pretty as always Betsy

George said...

I wonder if all the rain helped us hve so many beautiful irises. Your pictures are gorgeous.

Kay G. said...

Oh those beautiful Irises!!

Lynda said...

Your flowers are always so beautiful. My mom would have been in Heaven to get to see such profusion here on Earth. She loved Irises. Are you able to remember all their names or do you have to look them up - - or do you have your floor garden labeled. Where did you get all of them? Catalogs? How long does George work in the yard on an average of a week or day? Looking forward to answers in another post? Thanks for sharing. It encourages us to get outside and work. One more question - - what does he use for fertilizer and what time of year?

Linda G. said...

The iris are beautiful. I like the color variety.