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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is part II of our wonderful trip up the  unpaved mountain road (Old Falls River Road) in the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK in Colorado, on September 17, 2012.   If you missed Monday's post,  go to the bottom of this blog post and click on 'older posts'...

Monday's post talked about some of the things we saw along that road ---as we drove higher and higher up into the mountains...  I ended that post showing you one picture of some snow on the tops of the mountains.  Luckily,  there hadn't been much snow that night before --so all of the roads were opened that day!  However,  we had shorts on ---and I'll admit that it go colder and colder the higher we went up into those mountains!!!!

The picture above shows us standing on a big rock --with the beautiful Fall Aspens blooming behind us!   George set up the tripod for some photos of us since there weren't many people around that day at all (which we loved).

As we got higher,  we could finally see the  Alpine Visitor Center at almost 12,000 feet UP.  See it up there?

This is what our Garmin GPS said when we were getting UP THERE.  See that elevation????

Here's another picture of the SNOW and our road,  as we got higher!!!!!

George caught me taking a picture of the treeless area --when we got up above the 'tree-line'..  Interesting that there was snow in some areas ---and none in other areas!

BUT---it was very cold UP there on the top!!!!!!  Can you tell?  (The wind was one thing which made it feel so cold.... BUT---I will say this:  It wasn't nearly as cold as it felt the day we went up on Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina,  on Nov. 8, 2012!!!)

I love this picture of George  'on top of the world'.....  Don't you love seeing us with shorts on ---with SNOW behind us????? ha ha

Here's a happy girl admiring the little bit of snow around her!!!!! ha

Here's what the road looked like --looking BACK down the mountain, where we just came from!!!

FINALLY we made it to the top!!!!!!!  It was a GREAT trip ---and I'd do it again and again... IF you ever get to the Rocky Mountain National Park,  be sure to go on the Old Falls River Road.  You will love it!!!!!

Bay Lee and Brooke at Fall Creek Falls
Here's another photo from our family Thanksgiving week.  This is two of my 5 grandchildren.  The one in white is in college and the other one is is high school... Hard to believe how they have grown up so fast!  They are both such gorgeous and smart young women --and I'm a VERY proud Grammy!

Have a great Wednesday.