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Monday, February 10, 2014

More Beach Beauty!

Sunrise at the Beach
On a cold winter day,  I'm going to share more photos from our trip to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina on Dec. 3-6, 2013.  Above is another sunrise photo.   I loved seeing all of the sunbeams.

Lots of FOG on the beach
One morning --it was very very foggy --but we still enjoyed our walks on the beach.

George on the Beach on a Foggy morning

One more 'foggy' photo --showing our inn (Islander Inn)

Betsy at the 'big house'
If you have followed my blog for several years,  you will remember me showing this huge home --when they first started building it.  It's all completed now,  so do you want to visit me here sometime?????  HA HA ---I could only qualify to be a housekeeper here!!!

An Angry Ocean one Day

Beautiful sky at sunset on 12/5

George at the Beach --on a sunny day (quite different from the foggy day)

The Fishing Pier at Ocean Isle Beach
We always take a ton of pictures of the Fishing Pier when we go to the beach.  I like this one because of the reflections --and also that gorgeous sky!!!!  Clouds at the beach are so interesting.

Another picture of the Girl who LOVES the Beach

One of my favorite Sunset Photos!  (Look at the colors even along the shore. Wow!)  12/3

Two People who Love being at the Beach
I posted this photo before ---but wanted to end with it today ---just to show you how much we truly do love the beach and each other... We'll be back there hopefully in May!

I'll be taking Wednesday and Friday off from blogging to enjoy VALENTINE's DAY with the Love of my Life... Hope you have a great week--and a Happy Valentine's Day to ALL... Show LOVE wherever you go!  I will be back on Monday,  February 17.