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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mt. Nebo, Arkansas 2013

Today I will share a little more from our trip last week to Mr. Nebo, Arkansas.  If you missed Monday's post,  click HERE.

The picture above is a picture I took from the valley below our mountain ---looking up onto Mt. Nebo....Mt. Nebo is a flat-top mountain --where, depending upon where you are (and the weather of course),  one can see both the Sunrise and the Sunset each day.

Here is another photo of our cabin (taken late afternoon on 2/14).  You can see some of the gorgeous view of the valley below in this picture...

Here's is a collage  I put together of almost the same view from our cabin --on three different days, at different times of the day.  The picture on the top left was taken on Feb. 12 at 7:08 a.m. The one on the right was taken on Feb. 14 at 7:06 a.m., and the one at the bottom was taken on Feb. 11 at 5:20 p.m. 

George and I both took lots of pictures of the valley below and the upcoming sunset almost every single day.  This picture was taken on 2/12 late in the afternoon.

Here is a picture taken early in the morning on Feb. 12 --showing fog in the distance.

Then,  during the afternoon of  Feb. 12---look what rolled in where we were.  This foggy photo was taken outside of our cabin that day... Needless to say,  we didn't get to see the sunset THAT day.  BUT--that was the only day we missed it!!!

On Valentine's morning,  inside the cabin,  while we were eating our breakfast,  we exchanged cards.

And then came a HUGE surprise for me!!!!!  (George isn't usually able to surprise me since I am so NOSY... ha)....  He gave me a gorgeous wrapped canvas of a beautiful photo which he had taken when we were visiting Ocean Isle Beach this past December.  I was SO surprised and PLEASED.  What a perfect gift!!!!  Thanks, Honey!!!

One of my favorite places to sit when we are at the cabin is NEXT to the wood-burning fireplace.  There's just nothing better than sipping my coffee,  checking my emails and Facebook messages,  and keeping warm by the fire....

I'll close with another photo of George and me --while sitting on our picnic table --waiting to see the sunset... Hope you have enjoyed this set of pictures...  We had a marvelous time at Mt. Nebo this year!!!

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Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.