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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Falls on Log Hollow Branch, near Brevard, NC

From December 10-12, 2009, George and I were in the Brevard, NC area doing some hiking and searching for new waterfalls. It was a cold, icy trip ---but PERFECT for hiking and 'waterfalling'. During the three days we were gone, we saw a total of 23 waterfalls --with 16 of them being new ones for us. We have now seen over 400 different waterfalls since 2001.

Recently I showed you pictures from Looking Glass Falls and from Slick Rock Falls. Today, I am sharing three more waterfalls, all on Log Hollow Branch. From Highway 276, we headed up in the mountains on an unpaved forest road. We parked and hiked about two miles to see these three waterfalls. Above is a picture of us (taken with a tripod) at the middle one of the three, Log Hollow Falls. Below are more pictures of that hike.

See that trail??????? I don't either!!! BUT---that is what 'bushwhacking' is all about. We knew that somewhere UP that hill (there was no trail), there was a waterfall. SO--we took off up the mountain!!!! Below is what we found.

This waterfall is called the Waterfall on the Northern Tributary of Log Hollow Branch. I will call it NORTHERN LOG HOLLOW FALLS. Isn't it pretty???? It is 50 feet in height. Do you think this hike in the woods was worth our effort??? Yes it was.. Our elevation here was 3,480 feet.

Here's the top of Northern Log Hollow Falls showing the icicles. For those of you who question our bush-whacking, I will assure you that we are very careful. We have a hiking GPS and we always mark our car --so that if we happen to lose our way on a non-trail, we can find our way back to the car using the GPS.

We got back down to the trail and we headed on to the 2nd waterfall. This one (along with the 3rd one) was right off of the main trail. This one is named the Waterfall on Log Hollow Branch. I shortened it to LOG HOLLOW FALLS. This waterfall is 30 feet in height.

Log Hollow Falls is really in two sections. The picture (above this one) is the top part (main part) of the falls, but I wanted to show you the entire waterfall as it flows down the mountain. The elevation here is 3,280 feet.

We hiked further on the trail until we found this 'beauty'. This waterfall has the name: Waterfall on the Southern Tributary of Log Hollow Branch. I shortened it to SOUTH LOG HOLLOW FALLS. The upper drop is about 30 feet in height--but as you can see, it cascades on down the mountain, making it a very long cascade. The elevation here is 3400 feet.

This layered-Eskimo had her picture taken at the South Log Hollow Falls. The only thing missing were my gloves --which were in my backpack -while I took pictures. The temperature on this day was in the upper 20's/lower 30's.

I love this close-up of South Log Hollow Falls --showing the icicles on the rocks.

I had to take George's picture at South Log Hollow Falls. He did have on his gloves!!!!

Here's one more picture of us taken with our tripod, on the little bridge beside Log Hollow Falls.

As much as I loved all of the other waterfalls we saw during those three days, this hike to see these three waterfalls was probably the highlight of the trip for me. I enjoy being WAY back in the mountains with almost nobody around but US and our waterfalls. Life is GOOD!!!!!

On another note, our flooding subsided, and yesterday, George worked on the wall repair. Yesterday, it also SNOWED almost all day long... There were no accumulations ---but I keep wondering what is going on with this crazy weather all over the country.... My My My!!!!

Have a great Tuesday.