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Thursday, March 19, 2015

EARLY EARLY Spring Flowers in our Yard 2015

Pretty Crocus Blooms in our yard;  (Taken on 3/15/15)
After such a harsh and devastating winter here,  we are pleased to share some of the FIRST Spring Flowers to bloom in our Yard.  We were not sure what we would see this year due to the Yard Damage.  BUT---many plants are hardy and can make it through a wicked winter...

Hope you enjoy seeing these flowers in our yard.  Hopefully,  this is the first of MANY posts showing our flowers in 2015...  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

My favorite Crocus Bloom in my yard;  (Taken on 3/16/15)

George took this little beauty,  another little Crocus in our yard;  (taken on 3/15/15)

George getting up close and personal with our first Daffodil of the season; (Taken on 3/16/15)

Here is a picture of our first daffodil of Spring,  2015;  I took this picture --so I am glad that George did NOT get a picture of me squatting --while trying to get a close picture... ha...  (Taken on 3/16/15)

This gorgeous yellow Pansy made it through the winter... I hope many more of ours will be blooming soon.  I love little Pansies.  (We plant them in the Fall --to give us a little color during winter.) (Taken on 3/16/15)

This was our first Hyacinth of the season.  I love the two pink colors of this little flower. (Taken on 3/17/15)
Well---that is our FIRST pictures of this year's spring... We have many many more flowers growing and budding --so seeing these first ones just makes me excited  knowing that there are many more to come..

Hope you are doing okay.  We have been BUSY in the yard this past week --and have made a HUGE dent in the clean-up work --after the storms...

Have a fantastic weekend.