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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Yard in August

This past Monday,  I showed you how close the deer came to our ROSES....  Today,  I'm showing you how pretty the roses are now.   We have had milder weather recently (thank goodness)---and some rain (not enough--but some)....  This weather (more like Spring or Fall weather) is what the Roses LOVE....  Wish you could be here to see them in person.. They are really showing off...  I love 'walking the yard' ---and oohing and ahhing...

On August 15,  I took a bunch of pictures of the roses and the yard ---so hope you enjoy them today!!!!   I took some of the individual roses which I've put in collages for you.  Click on them for enlargements..

The roses in this bed (Road Flowerbed) are blooming like crazy!!!!   In this photo--you can see the left-over Lily stems,  some Irises (a couple of them are blooming now also) --and lots of roses... (Can you believe that this bed was new and BARE a couple of years ago???????? Wow!)   You can tell that it is almost Fall by looking at our Redbud tree in the background!

Here is an example of how beautiful the roses are right now.  This beauty is named Ronald Reagan.   This is always a favorite of mine.

Here's a picture of the yard when looking from the house toward the road...  If you compare this photo with some of our Spring yard photos,  the roses are just as beautiful (or more-so) ---but the yard and surrounding trees are showing a 'hint' of Fall...  Kinda neat to watch the seasons gradually change,  isn't it?

And --this photo was taken from the road looking back at the house.  You can see that some of the trees in back have already lost their leaves.   The rosebush in the middle of the picture is named Veterans Honor....  It's one of my favorites also...

Look carefully at our house.  The shutters are off ---and it's ready for painting... Not sure when it will be done/complete--but I'll show pictures once it is!!!! It will be a darker green... Can't wait!!!!

Also in our yard (back yard) I found a HUGE toadstool (or mushroom or fungi)... Whatever you call it,  I think this is the largest one I've seen in or around our yard...  It almost looks like a HEART.  Nice,  don't you think?

To give you an idea of the size of this one,  I put my size 8 1/2 shoe beside it.   I've seen bigger toadstools before ---but not in our yard!!!!!  Isn't it pretty?

Finally,  here is a picture of the toadstool from the side --so that you can see a little of the stem..  I didn't see anymore near that area ---so this 'guy' was there just growing all by himself!!!!

I'll close with one more collage showing an 'up close and personal' view of  some of our beautiful roses.... Like I said above,  wish you were here to enjoy them also!!!!  The top left is a favorite,  Peppermint Splash.   (All of the rose pictures in today's blog post were taken on 8/15/12 and the mushroom pictures were taken on 8/9/12.)

Hope you have an incredibly blessed Wednesday.