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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Azaleas and Rhododendrons in our Yard --2015

After such a rough and tough WINTER,  our Spring has turned out to be very pretty.  Today's post will show you the Azaleas in our yard this spring and also our beautiful Rhododendron.   Hope you enjoy this post ---so be sure and click on the pictures for enlargements.  First I'll share our Azaleas and then the Rhododendron.

The picture above (taken on 5/7/15)  shows off our two pink Azaleas in the front yard.  The Azaleas in our back yard are not as pretty (or as large or full) as these two.  They must be a different variety since they bloom earlier than these two bushes do... AND--the ones in the back must not like being where they are planted,  next to the deck...????  BUT--the two in front make up for the other ones.... Do you like them?

A closer view of our Azaleas in the front yard;  (Photo taken on 5/7 when we got home from the beach;)

A Close-Up of the Azaleas in the front yard;  This photo was taken on 4/29/15 BEFORE we went to the beach--and before the entire bushes bloomed.

One of the Lavender Azalea Blooms in the backyard;  I'd love for this bush to look like the pink ones in front --but so far,  it hasn't... I love the color though.  (picture taken on 4/28/15)

One of the very light pink Azaleas in the backyard;  (Photo taken on 4/23/15)

A Hot-Pink Azalea Bush in our backyard;  Gorgeous colors!  (photo taken on 4/28/15)

ANTICIPATION!!!!!  On 4/29/15,  we were waiting patiently for the big Rhododendron buds near our deck to OPEN....

This Rhododendron bud is 'trying' hard to open for us!  (taken on 4/29/15)

Our Rhododendron Bush on 4/30/15;

This is what we found on the day we came home from the beach --5/7/15.... WOW---how beautiful is this!!!!

Another view of our big Rhododendron Bush in bloom on 5/7/15

A close-up of some of the Rhododendron Blooms (5/7/15)

One Rhododendron Blossom (5/7/15)
Many of you may remember our horrible Winter Ice Storm --when we thought we had lost this beautiful Rhododendron.  The branches were leaning down below the deck rail (due to the heavy ice) ... We did lose some branches ---so the total tree is not nearly as full as it used to be---but overall,  this beauty DID come back after that horrible winter.. Thanks be to God.  Oh--how I love my Rhododendron!!!!

Hope you enjoyed our Azaleas and our Rhododendron today!  (These are all gone now for this year ---but next comes the Irises and then the Roses!!!!  Yeah!)